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Stitch Accepted into Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups Incubator

Stitch Accepted into Silicon Valley's 500 Startups Incubator

The Stitch team is thrilled to announce our acceptance into the 500 startups incubator program.

500 startups logoThe incubator is a 4-month, high intensity program aimed at refining, growing, and fundraising for early stage companies that have exhibited impressive early traction. Funded by PayPal and Google alums, 500 startups is one of the most, if not the most highly competitive accelerator program in Silicon Valley.

Over 1200 companies applied to our class, or “batch,” and only 28 were accepted.  We couldn’t be more excited to become #500strong and part of this amazing network of investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

500 startups office

As part of the program, two of the Stitch team members will be working out of their offices in Mountain View, California. This allows us to truly be an international company, split between Sydney and San Francisco.  More importantly, we know being a part of this elite group will give us access to resources that we have only dreamed of to make Stitch an amazing experience for our members!

The announcement was publicly released today in top technology news provider, Techcrunch.

Note: They have somewhat tongue and cheek called us “tinder for the olds” which is not how we define ourselves, but that’s OK because it reflects on how new and fresh Stitch is that it’s hard to compare us to anything out there!


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