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What is a “Bromance?”

In the past couple of years, the term “Bromance” has been thrown around in celebrity news or on TV. The term was nationally introduced MTV’s  show “Bromance,” which was a 2008 reality television show about the friendship between quasi-celebrity Brody Jenner and his choice of “Bros.” Unsurprisingly, the show has since been taken off of the air.

The new term sounds like some a combination between brothers and romance.

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So, what does “Bromance” really mean?

UrbanDictionary defines a Bromance as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males”.

It doesn’t sound so complicated to us. “Bromances” are simply two men who are open about their strong feelings of love for each other! Wikipedia gives a similar definition: “A close non-sexual relationship between two or more men”.

 It’s safe to say that a “Bromance” is just a couple of best guy friends. Buddies. Amigos!

Why is there a word for this? 

When women are very close with their female friends, they simply say “girlfriends,” “best friends,” or the recently popular “besties.” There doesn’t seem to be any popularity for equivalent terms like “sisance” or “womance.”

Perhaps straight men wanted a term that sounded “cool” or different from female terms. But, who really knows!

Do Bromances work for real men that aren’t Brody Jenner?

“Bromances” are a great and fulfilling type of relationship at any stage in life. At Stitch, we offer Companionship, which includes “Bromance” and the female equivalent. Even if you’re married, your spouse may not be into downhill skiing, poker, or mountain biking. These activities are much more enjoyable together than alone!

And we know that there are just some things that men enjoy more together, and visa-versa.


Not everyone is looking for romance, but every man deserves a “Bromance”!

2 thoughts on “What is a “Bromance?””

  1. I don’t understand all the brouhaha over close male/male friendships. They are very similar to close female/female friendships, though much, much more rare, especially for seniors as we grew up in much more conservative cultural times. “Mike” and I have been best friends for years. When we need our ‘man time’ as our wives call it, we head out to his remote cabin for the weekend on 4-wheelers or snowmachines. In Alaska, remote is really remote with bears, moose, wolves and fearsome porcupines. We also take a week/10 days in the summer and go on an expedition. Last time we camped on a glacier in July and got a foot of snow. Besides our man time, we see each other at least once a week. Yes, we are both totally straight but have no problem at all with real hugs and ‘I love you’ (we leave out the popular “man’ at the end of the sentence). Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80, Greek three, and English only one. No hard to see how confusing it can be!

    1. Earl,
      Thank you so much for contributing and providing this example. You make some very good points, and I “love” your point on love! Well said.

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