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Roommates for Older Adults

Roommates for Older Adults

Remember the days when you would spend hours talking to your roommate late at night or simply grab your roommate at a moment’s notice to run out for a quick bite to eat? Well, maybe those days are not gone forever. Today, roommates for older adults are not so uncommon.

Across the nation, Baby Boomers are remembering the days of their youth and choosing to live them yet again, with a roommate by their side. These “Boommates” are not only saving money but also easing the burden of home maintenance – not to mention, forming lasting friendships along the way.

Nancy Schuna, a single 54 year-old woman in search of a roommate, says, “It’s a give and take. It’s helping each other and it’s caring for each other.” Whether divorced, widowed, or single, roommates like Schuna can find greater comfort in knowing they have someone who will always be there during their times of need, whatever those may be.

Roommates for Older AdultsRoommates are a simple solution for combatting loneliness. Having a friend or two to live with will surely help maintain a better quality of life. While some may choose to live with friends they have known for years, others have moved in with compatible roommates they just met. Regardless, Boommates provide the everyday company many adults seek.

Two women living in San Francisco, Gloria Flores and Linda Clark, have formed a strong relationship since they moved into an apartment together. Gloria is very fond of her roommate and does not worry as often since she always has a friend by her side. “I could call her and she would bring me what I needed,” Gloria says of Linda, “I like knowing she’s around. We cooperate with each other.” Together, these women cook and eat meals, work on the bills, do the laundry, and even watch their favorite television shows.

Clearly, these roommates have it figured out: shared responsibility means less stress for all. Living with a friend not only releases the burden of home maintenance but also puts the mind at ease. After all, life is truly worth living when you’ve got someone to live it with!

Recently, several individuals have registered with Stitch in search of compatible roommates. Here at Stitch, we have successfully linked these roommates and continue to link partners and companions each day. Whether you are looking for a roommate, a golf buddy, or even just aGolf Partners friend to talk to, Stitch can make your wishes come true (through a secure, private system, of course). This is just a taste of the beauty of Stitch.

What are you looking for? A date, a travel partner, maybe just a friend? Sign up with us at Stitch, and we will help link you to other adults over 50 years old in your neighborhood who have the same interests as you. And the rest is up to you! To register for free (no more than 20 seconds, we promise), click here.

No one should have to go through life alone, and we have made it our mission to make sure of it!



  1. Teresa

    I was very glad to see this post. I will hope that you will expand to the Midwest soon.

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Thanks Theresa. We’re working to get there as quickly as we can … stay tuned!

      1. Peggy

        Ok, 2016 is almost over. Is this site still active and efficient?

        1. Marcie Rogo

          Hi Peggy, yes we are!

          1. Larry floyd

            My commitment do you live in the dallas texas area ? I. Hope your answer is

          2. James Raymer

            Hi. I’m looking to relocate from Las Vegas Nv. To Brownsville Texas. I’m 64 retired on SS a month. I pray I can make it on $1200 a month. Any suggestions will be appreciated James

    2. karen barsan

      Is this offer for all ethnicities because all I see our Caucasians.

      1. Darlene Della Loggia

        Hello Karen
        It’s Feb 2019. Have you gotten an answer to your question?
        I’m Caucasians, but wondering if anyone has contacted you.
        I have heard nothing since my first post a few months ago.
        It seems unusual.

        1. Brian B

          I honestly haven’t been back on this site since that time because I found a place to live fairly quickly. But will keep it in mind in case I am in the market again. Always looking for the chance to move forward with some interesting and unusual ideas that have been percolating for some time. Am a writer of song lyrics and am looking for some inexpensive promotion opportunities there. At the start of the new year I resolved to be brave and put myself out there. Then the weather got real bad and it pushed me back a bit because we just couldn’t get out without putting our lives in jeopardy for a few days there. I just see that your comment was address to someone named Karen but got emailed to me somehow. Peace.

  2. Carol

    Wishing Andrew and Marcie great success. Hope that you will reach Southern California and particularly San Diego soon.
    Congratulations on launch in San Francisco.

  3. HELEN

    If you are the real deal, then this service is invaluable.

    I am an only child. Both parents are dead, and I have no extended family.

    I am also intelligent enough to have figured out that seeking companionship for the sake of companionship usually ends up in dismal failure.

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Dear Helen,
      We are the real deal! We are trying to create something different and valuable, and I hope you’ll stick with us as we expand. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story.

    2. Marianne

      I understand how you feel. I lost most of my family and feel very lonely.

      1. Anita

        Where are you Marianne?

      2. ANNA


        1. Terry S.

          Hi Anna, my name is Terry, I’m a female. My first name can throw some people off. I’m curious to find out, have you found a roomate. If so congrats. If you are still looking, I would like to continue speaking with you and I have lots of questions. Contact me either way. I’ll be in Plantation, 9/14/17, visiting my daughter. Hope to make contact.

        2. Bertha Jones

          Ann. I would love to meet and rent a room from you. I live in Illinois and the winters are brutal here

        3. Bertha Jones

          Bj live in Illinois. The weather is brutal here. Would love to meet and rent a room from you if possible

          1. Brian B

            I live in Illinois also. Single white male 73, landlady I have rented a room from for the past 13 years just passed away so I may be in the market for a similar situation sometime within the next couple of months. Would hope to get situated before the brutal winter sets in. I am in the west Chicago suburbs and would like to remain close by if possible.

        4. Carmen danziger

          Hi Anna I just posted and it didn’t take I’m 59,adult 25 ye old respectful daughter and small esa doxie.loney looking for tranquility and friend.not sure why my post says waiting on not internet smart

          1. Becca

            Hello Carmen and all,
            I’m a 59 year old female who just sold family home but now since prices have gone up so much do not have enough to buy a home alone or at least not one that does not need a lot of repair. I will still be working. Looking for someone responsible and that is in similar situation.
            Both of my kids are grown and live in different states. I have one senior dog (8 yrs old very,sweet) . I love art, music, travel, gardening, good food, would love a walking partner or someone to go exercise with. Lets face it. One thrives when you are with people. I do not want to be alone anymore. How ,where do I sign up? I can’t post either? Thanks, Becca

        5. myra hancock

          I am a widow and I do not want to live alone anymore. I am 73 have no medical issues. Maybe we could talk. Myra

          1. Beverley

            I’m looking an unfinished room with a bathroom

        6. Barbara Beach

          I am widowed and looking for senior friend to share a home together
          In the Villages ,Fl

          1. Belinda

            To Barbara Beach

            Hello I am also looking for a roomie – please let me know if you are still looking. Sold my home also. in August 2018

          2. James Stacy

            Hi my name is James I am 61 years of the age I am looking to share a place with someone

      3. ANNA


      4. Kimberly

        Kimberly: OMG I feel the same my mom passed away and now I am all alone and it sucks! I am 50 and never thought I would be so alone at this age. I am with you all.

        1. odell moore

          I feel the exact same way and I’m just looking for someone to talk to…

        2. JP

          Am also looking for a roommate I’m still working & would love to save more money towards retirement

        3. Jeannie

          Hi Kim
          I’m 58 & live alone also I have a no family near me

          1. Brian B

            I live in Illinois also. Single white male 73, landlady I have rented a room from for the past 13 years just passed away so I may be in the market for a similar situation sometime within the next couple of months. Would hope to get situated before the brutal winter sets in. I am in the west Chicago suburbs and would like to remain close by if possible. Might add that I am a nonsmoker and low maintenance. Do request use of a microwave and refrigerator so I won’t have to eat out all the time, which can get very expensive.

          2. Brian B

            What area of the country are you located in?

        4. June Williams

          Hi Kimbery,

          You are still very young but wise to be reaching out. I lived with my mom and then she lived with me. I was devastated when she died. At that point I was blessed to have a niece who became as close to me as my mom had been. We moved in together after she got a cancer diagnosis 3 years ago. Now she is still with me but in hospice care at our home. I used to regret not having married but now I realize marraige isn’t insurance against loss. We all experience loss if we live long enough but we also can experience friendship, love and caring.

      5. Crystal perry

        Me to i have a serivce dog and my last relationship took everything me and my dog own its so hard to find somewhere i cant rent that would take her ..Now that I’m alone i dont have 2x the rent getting afarid and scared

        1. Evette

          I have a home in Cape Coral Florida. I was thinking about renting rooms out to 55+. I wasn’t sure if this is something people would be interested in but after reading this site I see there are people looking to do the same

          1. Darlene Della Loggia

            Hello 😊 I’m a 67 yr old Christian who loves the Lord.
            My name is Darlene and I live in the Northeast. It takes courage just to post this. I’ve lived alone too long, and the loneliness makes me sad.
            I’m looking to be a roommate (female) somewhere in Florida that never gets below 60 degrees at night. The winters here turn me into a hermit. I love the outdoors so I would like to find a roommate that will accommodate me for 6 months out of the year. November through April, perhaps longer.
            I enjoy biking, swimming, gardening, and reading. My cleanliness is a plus! Since my income is limited, we can discuss it, if you are interested. No alcohol or cigarettes, please.

            Hopefully someone out there will consider me.
            God Bless you all.🙏

        2. myra hancock

          Crystal, don’t be afraid. I have been a widow for 20 years and always made it. I am in my early 70’s, no health issues and would love to talk to you. I have no one either. Myra Hancock

    3. Hope

      Hi I’m Elaine Im looking for some1 who needs some1 to cook and clean for them. I’m waiting on my disability right now. I’m 45 but I’ve not had no luck finding love so guess u can say I’ve give up .Sick of getting Hurt and being lied to.

    4. Frank

      HI Helen , l know the feeling ,friends can be the greatest thing. Seems like lt can work.

    5. Frank

      I think l have it together.!!!

    6. Carol Lewis

      Just reading these posts helps ease the ache inside. I’m an “elder orphan”
      No family left. All I need is one good friend. In my early 70s. But young at heart.

      1. Gaitree Mohan

        He Corol, I am single mother with two kids ages 4 and 8, never been in any criminal act, very unest, independent, clean, loving and care person, love to talk, never drink alcohol or smoke I have my own vehicle, liking for someone who is a mother figure and grandmother, depends on my own money

        1. Maria

          Hi, anyone. I am Filipino-Canadian, 80, widowed, with lots of experiences as care giver in my 60s and have certificate of training.
          I am looking for room rent and board free in exchange for house help, companionship. I am retired professional, still mobile and fairly in good health – occasional gout for few days each time, but manageable with meds and uric acid maintenance. I have OHIP and small government pension to live by and save for later days.

          1. RUSH ONEAL

            Maria, m

            Where are you located?

      2. Diane Dorsey

        Just scanning? Caught no family at all/hit a note.
        I hope this finds you well.

      3. myra hancock

        Myra Hancock. I am a widow in my early 70’s and want and need a friend. I am easy to get along with . My family has passed away and I have no one. I have a little Maltese service dog. He is well trained and well behaved. I am reaching out. Hope someone out there will reach back!

        1. becky crissman

          I am 66 no family and I am in the same boat looking to rent ROOM

      4. myra hancock

        Carol, my name is Myra Hancock. I have no family either. In my early 70’s and very lonely. Would like to share with a Senior women near my age . I, too am young at heart and know I have a few good years left. My phone # Is 229-531-1282. I would love to talk to you. Myra

      5. Gloria Melton

        Where do you live

      6. Brenda Eslinger

        Hi my name is Brenda and I live 20 minutes from The Great Smokey Mountains.. I am an adult orphan and a widow..would love to have a person with with easy going personality.young at share my home.. must love animals.. Non smoker..Christian…I volunteer at our local Nursing Home.. I love all sorts of crafts..I am 71 years young.

    7. Shawn

      Y s it does I prefer to spend time with my own age I’m looking to rent a room in school or San Fernando valley 661

  4. Maryann

    I’m looking for a companion to do things with and eventually a roommate to share my or a house. I’d like to do activities together as well as enjoy time together while home.
    I’m 58, have arthritis and degenerative bone disease however I am fairly active but do have some bad days.

    1. Jackie Dion

      Hi Maryann,
      I’m so glad to hear you are looking for a companion and roommate to share activities with. We have many members on Stitch looking for the same, and you can browse through members to find the right fit for you! Please let me know if you would like to set up your profile and if you have any questions.

    2. Mary

      Hi Maryann I know how you feel, as I have RA and that brings a lot of other problems as well. Hope you find a good companion. Wish you lived close by.

    3. Gail

      Where in Fl. I am looking for a homeshare in Pinellas County. I am your age & have the same afflictions as you.

    4. Elizabeth Watson

      Hi I’m 57 and looking for someone to do things with and someone who has a room for rent. The problem is I have 3 very nice cats . 2 of them you never see.
      But nobody wants cats. But we could get together .

    5. Carol Lewis

      Sounds like me. I’m early 70s but young at heart. Just hate being alone in.Pennsylvania

      1. myra hancock

        Hello, My name is Myra and I am a widow of 10 yrs. I hate being alone and would like to rent a room or have a roommate to be friends with. I am in my early 70’s and I love everyday of life God gives me. I am happy and have no health issues. I have a service dog, Little Maltese. He is 5 and well trained. Please find a place in your life for us? We have no one.

  5. Lisa

    You stole my idea ! Ha!! I predict this will really take off. Can’t wait!

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Thanks Lisa for your support! It sounds like it is a pretty good idea, since a lot of people are thinking about it! We’d love to hear your thoughts and experience on this, so please feel free to email at any time.

  6. Marsha

    I have had roommates on and off through life and find I prefer living with a roommate to living alone. It does have to be the right fit, though.

  7. Flatmaterooms

    I just thought I’d leave a comment from the UK, Since the UK recession we have seen a massive unprecedented increase in the amount of older people looking for roommates/flatshares. A lot of people can’t afford to get a mortgage or afford to rent their own place. For a lot of older people flatsharing has been a great experience, meeting new people and improving their social lives. Moving in with another person shouldn’t be feared, its a new journey, a new life experience.

    Good Luck Stitch


  8. cynthia

    are there senior member from monterey california ?…

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Cynthia,
      Yes we have many members from Monterey, although this is an area we are still growing in – most of our memberships in California is in the San Francisco metropolitan area. I hope you can join and help us spread the word and grow near you!

    2. cynthia

      I think not that much..though monterey is a place for retirees , seniors in here have their own houses and usually don’t need sharing especially in Carmel area..

      1. Debi

        I need place here in Alameda county cause of my health Ins. The kind I have goes by county an my drs here, I don’t want yo start all over, be to much of hassel an don’t want to be that far from my grandkids

  9. Janhavi

    Great initiative! Exactly what I have been looking for my ma! But in India! 😀 Had the very same idea this morning on a bus…and I am like there has to be someone who has beat me to it! I cant be the only one thinking! It is such a real problem. Especially in India, with kids moving out, spouses passing away one of the parent left alone. Socializing at this age is a lot different from when younger. Its a lonely life…doesn’t have to be! Good luck guys!

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Dear Janhavi, thank you so much for your kind words! India is not out of the question. We are focusing on other markets right now, but if all goes well, we’ll be able to market there too!

    2. Anna Burnham

      Dear Janhavi, I am long time married to a great guy,. But all of our children died, and it hit us pretty hard. Yes, we ARE very lonely. ;. We both would love to have a senior woman come live us. We are adventurous and are getting ready to have a sailing adventure with our 30 foot live aboard sailboat. WE are in our 70’s and are quite healthy……and are both in our FIRST childhood. . If you like sailing or flying (we are both pilots) (we both love to sail/fly( to new places to fulfill an urge for adventure, please consider us. We are quite educated and need someone to help us slow down and smell the roses. We all have only so many years to live. But we want to be happy and pursuing our passions right up to the end. Please come and share all this with us.

      1. Bertha Jones

        Ann. I would love to meet and rent a room from you. I live in Illinois and the winters are brutal here. I’m also 70 would love to travel with you guys. I’m very active with lots of energy.

  10. Yongcha

    Interesting in roommates for older adults in East bay area.
    Please let me know any info.



  11. Valerie

    Im looking for a roomate companion as well very quite clean and have cats 56 years old female in ohio number is 419 xxx xxxx thanks

    1. Hope

      Hi I’m Elaine I’ve tried living with opsite sex But seems everything is good till u move in then they expect more. I’m A honest person who fills u should stand by your word but I’ve found that a lot of people think it’s OK to say whatever till u move in then they change like night n day.. I love cooking and cleaning watching good movies, good books, and camping sometimes… But mainly just A Big Home body…

  12. John

    Interesting link! Especially for women looking for a room-mate – Stitch gives, initial sieving process.

    Looking for a friend, in a foreign city overseas, can be very hard especially if you have no other contact points or links. You could use Stitch, for the same process although Stitch is in its infancy.

    The potential is limitless!

  13. Lorna

    Looking for a roommate in the Boston area. I am an active professional woman, 63 years old. I sold my home and am temporarily living with a friend. I’d like to find a nice apartment with another woman 50 or older.

    1. Kelli Hurley

      Where are you Kimberly?

  14. Susan

    I would love to rent a room with private bath if possible with a female baby boomer era in San Diego. Non smoker, very light drinker and no drugs please.
    I’m semi retired and more on a budget so if anyone if seeking a great considerate clean roommate then please get in touch.

    1. Annemarie

      Are you all settled in San Diego?

  15. ANITA

    I will be free to move to the Denver area in the spring of 2017 and ideally want a house share situation with a like minded active retired female with similar temperament and Interests. I can comfortably pay up to $1000/ month and 1/2 utilities. I desire my own bedroom and. Bath. Would like to spend the preceding months communicating and flying out there to meet to see if we are compatible. I have many interests indoors and out, active curious and adventurous. A developing friendship would be great! I value respect people & property, cleanliness, carrying my fair share of the chores, and harmony in the household. Enjoying mutual interspersed together as friends a great plus! I’m a retired trauma nurse for decades and still volunteer. Loves dogs too. A house would be great. If my profile fits your desires and needs, please contact me. I will be making some trips out there ahead of the move and we could meet. I have a Facebook page. My son lives in Denver too. Contact me if interested. Anita

    1. Rick

      Hi am rick,
      Ineed a gal like you to be companion too my ill WIFE she is home bond in the ROCKIE MTS on our Small ranch I dwell in the man cave barn because i make to much noise.Two horses chickins rabits Eight thousand feet alt be warned.view to heal all souls laughter u navoidable

    2. Kathy

      Hi Anita,

      I just came across this website, and your posting from April, 2016, and it seems that we are living nearly parallel lives. I am hoping to move to Colorado, also have a son living in Denver. He graduated from CU and now works in Boulder.

      Right now, I’m in Boston working full time as the computer support person for a school department, and caring for my 94-year-old mother. My plan is that once my mother passes, I will be heading West! (I don’t want to make it sound like I’m wishing her gone! But at her age, I know that my time in Boston is only temporary.)

      I’ve been researching co-living for awhile now and it’s a great idea. Have your by any chance read the book “My House Our House”? It’s a wonderful how-to book written by 3 women who shared a home in the Philadelphia area. The whole concept makes so much sense!!

      I’m 63, pretty active, love to bike, hike, kayak, etc. I’m clean, quiet, non-smoking, maybe a very occasional beer or glass of wine. No horrible habits that I can think of!

      How are your plans coming along? If you’d like to communicate and possibly meet at some point, please let me know. I try to get out to Colorado a couple of times a year.

      Take care,

  16. lynn

    I am very disappointed I was told to come to this site for a senior roommate I’m 60. I do NOt want a romance there is NO form to sigh up for roomates it ask u all these questions romance NOt roomates this is very misleading stressfull annoying etc roammce & roomates are NOt the same thing

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Lynn,

      I’m Andrew, CEO of Stitch and I’m really sorry as it sounds as if things haven’t been communicated well to you. Stitch is definitely NOT just for people looking for romance — about 2/3 of our members choose non-romantic companionship in their selection. We do need to improve our signup process so that this is a lot clearer, as we know that it does confuse some people.

      Stitch is designed to help anyone over 50 find the sort of companionship they are looking for, including roommates. If you just mention this on your profile and make sure you choose non-romantic companionship only then you will find that you only see people who are looking for the same thing as you. You probably want to specify that you only want a female companion too.

      Once again, apologies about any confusion on our part.


  17. Orphia wilson

    I need someone to share my life…I’m 58 and my daughter is 18 with mold autism…I’m on a spiritual journey…and living around drama queens…just need to be around peace…

  18. David

    My name is David and will retire at the end of 2016 which coincides with my 62 birthday. I’ve been researching and came across Stitch and home sharing/co-housing, etc……… a wonderful idea ! Have you a list of U.S. states in which Stitch has a presence ?

    Thank You,

  19. Denise

    Hi, my name is Denise and I am new to STITCH. What I am specifically looking for at this time, is to rent a house with someone who is looking for a “housemate”. This looks like a really great place though, and you offer so many things to do and see. I think at some point in time, I would even be interested in meeting someone romantically. Is the dating just specifically geared for straight couples, or is there also a site for gay/lesbians as well?

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Denise, thanks so much for your question. We are geared towards all types of couples, straight, gay, lesbian, asexual, bisexual, etc. When you set your companionship settings, you can choose male, female, or both. I must be honest though, we’re still trying to grow the diversity of our community and so as it stands today, the majority of our members are seeking the opposite gender for romance. But again, we’re still new, so we’ll be evolving quickly as the years go by! I also encourage you to post a new topic in the Discussion Forums/ “Chat” section about renting a house and in what area. Thank you so much for joining our community we are happy to have you!

    2. Frank Burnham

      Hi, all our childr5en died and we are very lonely. Wife is Bi. We are looking for a room/ house mate to join us in sailing and flying adventure. Need love and stop this lonely life.

    3. Anna Burnham

      Hi, I am Anna and married for a very long time. We live in Orangeburg, SC and rent trailers for a living. We are adventurers and have plane and live-abord sailboat. Our children all died and we are lonely. Love to have you come live with us in our large 3 BR, 2ABA house on 40 acres. We are both college grads, and have a coulture plus lifestyle. We are not religious fanatics, but attend church and try to live the Golden Rule. WE need someone to make us slow down and smell the roses. Please answer and change our lives. Anna Burnham

      1. Rebecca Domingo

        Hi im rebecca from phil im a single parent i hv one daughter,im a bredwinner to my family cercle im already 43 yrs old aready,you know im not a college degree im just finish my highschool,so not much talk english and right spelling then gramar but i can talk a lettle and understand also,bec im working as a massage therapist here in my home coutry here in manila,while im trying to playing my cp im thinking to look a friend from the other places,bec sometimes i feel boaring.then i pound this web and i reading a lot’s of comment’sthen for short’s storei’s i was read you’re comment that all ur child was gone,so i feel sad for that happen,if i hv a wing’s that i can fly to helf your beardin i can go with you and take both of you guy’s especially at you’re age now,but it sad to say that i hv my daughter to take also but if God’s gave me a chance to go with you and my only child maybe i can helf you guy’s.But i don’t gave up to pray to our Lord Jesus almighthy God that he send a nice and caring people to take care at you guy’s,hope you can find someone or else you come in Phil.😊God bless both of you .

  20. nAN K


    1. Nan K

      Aug. 2–Great website. I hope it all works for us aged folks. I posted this week re: looking for roomates to share, care, and travel with, not necessarily looking for any husbands, but educated folk. -Retired teacher

    2. David

      In reading your paragraph I have a similar mindset. I’m 61, in the U.S. and have a reasonable retirement income. A retirement community, a group or even an excellent roommate is most certainly the plan!
      Being new to stitch, I am learning to navigate my way effectively in order to discover others with a similar and serious mindset.

      1. pete warmiak

        Ha David, I’m Pete 52 years young ,I’m looking for a roommate myself, I’m not financial sound to say,I live off of ssi, which isn’t enough to even live on, I’m looking more to be a
        Live in house keeper, cook.and needs that are required in running a nice home,and whatever that I have from the income that I receive, so if yourself, or anyone else you may know would be willing to give me a chance there wouldn’t be no regrets for your choice of being a roommate,

    3. Sarah

      Hi I’m looking for a room to rent for my fiancé. He is 55 yrs old he is very clean and quiet. He works in construction and remodeling he doesn’t drink.He doesn’t smoke or do drug . He’s very respectful of other people’s privacy and property he’s a good cook

  21. Debi

    I’m 58 yr old female looking for someone who needs a room mate in there home, I’m retired / disability, on limited income, so the most I can afford is $500 a month, that includes utilities , cable can be separate, I’m looking in the area between Newark – Livermore, where I’m living now I have to be out by Nov. or sooner. I’m quite person, no drama, clean, neat, tidy, just looking for a champion cause don’t want to be alone anymore.

  22. Debi

    Oh y gosh, I’m really stressing cause I can’t find room for rent for $500 cause that is all I can afford on my fixed income cause I’m on disability for life for health issues all these people out there wants $1,000+, I have been looking for 4 months an I thought it would be easy, but not, I have to be out next month, somebody gotta have something out there I’m the Newark, Fremont, Niles, sunol, pleasanton, Livermore area , oh my gosh don’t know what to do.

  23. Rebecca

    Hi I’m looking for a someone to rent a room in my house. I live in Norco. I would charge $700 a month and that includes utilities, cable, and Internet. You would have your own bath and personal den. I’m animal friendly. That’s the business part of it. I would love to have a roommate who could also be my friend. I’m tired of coming home and only talking to my dogs.

    1. Debi

      Hi Rebecca,
      Where is narco?

    2. Trudy

      Ii you are a dog lover like me .I got 3 Yorkies ,an I am retired also .I am looking for a friend ,someone I can trust like to share a Home with

    3. David Williams

      Where is Narco

  24. Victoria

    My mom is looking for a roommate, nice, honest, clean, responsible woman. She is 63 years old, loves art, movies, shopping, travel and kids. After raising 4 daughters and 3 grandkids she is ready to be more independent and enjoy New York.
    Ready to move in mid november 2016

    1. Debi

      I’m here in Cali. I can’t move to N. Y. I need a room here in Fremont California .

    2. Taraja Rooks

      Hello Ms Victoria my name is taraja and I have no problem being your roommate me myself and i I am a very clean person and not a loud person and very respectful and I do have a man he is always the same way like me Ms victoria if it is possible can u please email asap

  25. Debi

    I’m here to look for room to rent not to date anybody, not interested meeting as guys, just trying yo find place to live right now. Been on here about 2-3 weeks an no luck, I will give it another week & no luck I’m going to come off here cause I’m supposed yo be out by Sept. 1st in Alameda county cause of my health ins. An drs. I just might be living on my car if nothing comes up.

    1. nan k


      I am done with my ad now
      Not a site for me

  26. Ruth

    This site should show locations unless person’s are looking to move. What’s the point? This is geared towards relationships not room mates. Needing someone responsible paying rent when due clean non smoker? etc. Your post says free but is a comeon is expensive and your site doesn’t clarify libations

    1. Debi

      I would love yo have s room mate to hang out with, I’m looking to rent out room , but asking too much from $600 – $900, I’m on fixed income & the most I can pay $500, well I guess I will be living in my car since I haven’t gotten Any replys here in Fremont Calif. sad that nobody trust people now a days, what happen to the good old days when people use too help each other ????

  27. Ruth

    This site should show locations unless person’s are looking to move. What’s the point? This is geared towards relationships not room mates. Needing someone responsible paying rent when due clean non smoker? etc. Your post says free but is a comeon is expensive and your site doesn’t clarify locations

    1. Kathy

      Ruth I am also looking for a senior roommate and was directed to this site via goggle search.. but I don’t see a place to put an add for one.. and yes I did get the impression it was free.. but I don’t think that is the case.

  28. Lori

    I am inquiring about this service. I am 48 and going through a divorce. I am in the Greater Cincinnati area and interested in finding a roomate. I have no children but will have two dachshunds that will be with me 75% of the time. I am a retired white female interested in men but not ready to date yet. I basically am hoping to find someone who is trustworthy, who likes to laugh and who wants to share living expenses. I am young at heart but have anot old soul.

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Lori, you sound wonderful and I’m glad to hear you’re so open to meeting a companion and roommate. Stitch does only serve people 50 and older but if your birthday is coming up definitely still join! We’ll let you know if you go through verification and then you can put on your profile that you’re looking for a roommate. We don’t have exact matching for roommates specifically, yet, but we hope to soon. In the interim, the best way is to seek non-romantic companionship and tell people you’re open to a roommate.

  29. denese andrews

    Hi i am living in Brisbane ,Queensland Australia , and i am looking for a fun female who is looking for accomondation i have a spare room and i would like this lady to be around 55 to 65 who has a great sense of humor and likes to do things on the spare of the moment . I am retired and i would like to start having some fun in life , eg road trips , holidays you would have to have a lience to drive so we could share the driving , also share the cost of living eg electricty bills , water rates , NOT LAND RATES THAT WOULD BE MY RESPONSABILITY , i was looking at 250 a week plus bills when they come in but the 250 can be discussed I really hope i find someone my age soon as i hate living on my own also i an a straight female please ph 046….. ok Denese

  30. denese andrews

    must like dogs as i have 2 little ones

  31. roger

    Hi my name is roger 63 recently separated very lonely looking to chat and maybe find a friend a teal friend

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Roger, we would love to help you find a new friend and companion. Just press “sign up” and register for Stitch so that you can go through the verification process and start connecting.

    2. Dennie

      Recently separated too roger

  32. Carolyn Neate

    This would be a wonderful opportunity for Australia, any ideas on how or when a service like this would be reaching us here?

  33. Marie

    Iam 52 yrs old looking for 2 roommates. Saw the ads and is very interesting in getting someone my age and older. I live in atlanta georgia, please contact me.

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Marie, once you register for Stitch you can definitely put that on your profile. People may not be able to respond here, on our blog. To register, click “sign up.” Thanks!

    2. Barbara

      Hi Marie,

      Check out ALCOFA Senior Housing. I live in Atlanta also and heard one of their ads on the radio, sounds like they specialize in this

  34. D,R,

    Roommating is a serious thing. 90% of my roommate situations were HORRIBLE when i was young. But recently (i’m 54) i had to live with a roommate for several months when i moved to a new city and was looking for a place to live. This roommate, at 43 years old, not 23, came home drunk one Sat. nite at about 3 and pounded on the door because she forgot her keys — i didn’t know it was her and it scared the s**t out of me! I thought it was the cops at the wrong house or maybe her psycho ex-boyfriend! When i finally got dressed and got to the front door, there was no one there! She left! Then she texted me in the morning letting me know it was her (and she apologized). Not in a million years did i think someone that age would act like that! And of course there were other problems. I’m trying to make a point here about the fact that living together, whether it’s a roommate situation, or living with friends, family or lovers, is really a tall order and takes some real maturity and skill. Not everyone can live together. And older people are really vulnerable. This really needs to be looked at. Manners, behaviors, smells, foods. These are some of the things that can get incompatible people into big trouble. So my rude and dumb-dumb roommate thought she could just “kick me out” when i confronted her on agreements we had made that she had broken. She was too dumb to know that i could have been a gigantic a##hole and milked it for all it was worth — meaning that once you have someone living in your house with you, they have the legal power once trouble begins. They have a legal right to stay there for quite a while, not paying rent, and forcing you to go through a long and protracted eviction process.
    So after having this experience at this age, i am a HUGE advocate for something along the lines of a Sheldon-Roommate-Agreement (fans of Big Bang Theory know what i’m referring to). You have to have a rock-solid agreement that covers EVERYTHING. But before that, you really need to be sure you are truly compatible. And even though you can think you’re doing the right things in advance thru the process of finding a good roommate, it can backfire, massively. Someone should dive deep into this and figure this out, for real (not the superficial crap you see on most roommate “compatibility” assessments). Also, i signed up on a senior roommate site and confronted the owners of the site about the fact that while they wanted to do background checks on potential roommates, they seemed to think somehow that the homeowners (people with a house looking for roommates) didn’t need to be screened with the same background check as the potential roommate!!!! Wow!!! As if the homeowner was automatically a decent person and the roommate didn’t potentially need to be protected too!!!
    All i’m saying is don’t get too giddy about this without taking a VERY serious look at it. It’s not easy to live with a complete stranger (or even family or friends or lovers)! Some people don’t have the ability to put themselves in another’s shoes (lack of imagination means incomplete and poor ethical development). If you don’t know how to imagine what another person’s experience is like and if you don’t do it DAILY you have no business living with someone, period. Someone like this is a potential domestic perp. And how do you screen for that? Like all perps, they’re just SO NICE when you meet them. The things domestic perps do behind closed doors are CRIMES, in spite of the fact that the law doesn’t recognize it. But the people turn a blind eye (one of the worst-things-a-human-can-do) and refuse to recognize this and do something about it so we can protect each other! Think about it ….

    1. leeda luciano

      clip: ” You have to have a rock-solid agreement that covers EVERYTHING. But before that, you really need to be sure you are truly compatible. And even though you can think you’re doing the right things in advance thru the process of finding a good roommate, it can backfire, massively. Someone should dive deep into this and figure this out, for real (not the superficial crap you see on most roommate “compatibility” assessments). ”

      Well said! This is good advice, not only for roommates…but also for marriage prospects! But even with everything in writing, people change and things still massively backfire.

    2. June Williams

      WoW. I know what you had to say was real and personal, it was good advice. Hope I have better success than you did if and when I look for someone to live in mt home.

  35. ANNA

    I am looking for a housemate who is 60 or older, nice, easygoing, single and honest-woman for companionship. non- smoker or drinker. I am renting a fully furnished bedroom with a private bathroom in Plantation Florida.

  36. Charlie

    My darling of 37 yrs was diagnosed with breast/lung cancer last month, with a 6mo life expectancy. I’m crushed and not looking forward, as she says I should. I’m 70, and am looking at being homeless the first time in my life.
    Lord willing there will be a future.

  37. barb

    If I were to be looking to share living expenses with another – there MUST be a few things agreed upon up front:

    No smokers, druggers, gamblers, sex maniacs * tired of THOSE!! lazy, messy, alcoholics – (but I drink red wine sometimes–not alot) and no party harty until wee hours of the next day – hell no!

    Must be considerate, kind and well mannered.

    I am way into staying healthy at 61 y o. Someone of like mind would be AWESOME. I don’t want to listen to you cry about what gave out, what isn’t working, what is stuck, or why you depend on your meds and doctor way so much! I am always researching ways to keep brain alert, focused and use it as much as I can!

    I love nature hikes. Love gardens: flowers and organic veggies/fruits. Love cooking light. Love to walk, walk, walk or bike, or kayak, or just enjoy the beauty of life. (Would love to learn how to dance salsa! Really good. Or to learn the saturday night fever dance scene to “more than a woman.” nice! Kind of want to work on that) I love the water. Shore. Boats. Skiing. Water and snow.

    Not into malls too much – NO FLEA MARKETS – but I do love antique looking. Art places, and botanical gardens. I guess I am pretty quiet. No hearing issues where the TV is up so high the people in the next town can hear it. Oh, and I don’t watch it that often. Maybe in the am with my bullet proof coffee – yum!

    Im NOT YOUR MOMMA – so clean up after yourself. That includes tub walls and toilet! AND I DON’T WANT TO BE A CAREGIVER. It wasn’t fun when my gramma had her hips replaced. So, no.

    I like things tidy. I don’t attack people with a mini vac as they enter the room, but toothpaste stuck to the sink for two months is a no. Big no. As well as other personal items ALWAYS OUT. Yech.

    I like dogs (and cats, birds, fish of some types) And would love to have my own little dog walking gig.

    Love to drive. Love my near infrared sauna. Would love to learn acupuncture but it is NOT in the finances.

    My dog is up there in years too. Doesn’t bark much. Sometimes he whines…like me. 🙂

    I would love to share expenses on a place. If it is YOURS I would need a DEADBOLT on my door as well as some type of lock so you aren’t nosing around all day when Im not home. I like to hide cameras…

    My dream area would be warm: Arizona? With NO cell reception. Hate those towers.

    If I were to do something like that – those are just my requests…

  38. Fiona

    Good evening,

    Do you have any information if there is a similar group available in Australia, as I am interested in renting two of my rooms in my home? It would be great if the adult was a similar age to myself. 50 +

    Thank you and what a fantastic idea

  39. Bleu

    Just happen to stumble across this site. Am going thru a divorce right now. Been married over 30+ years and things found ourselves growing apart further by leaps and bound. Have always lived with female room mate/wife. What is the possibility of an Asian male sharing house living situation with other 60+seniors in the Las Vegas area. Very nervous .I’m treading on unchart territory.

  40. Joe

    I am a Latino man over 60 years old and single who lives in Queens now. I have lived with relatives long time ago, however I have been thinking for seeking a place for living alone or with other senior man for the NEXT YEAR.. I feel very comfortable being in company with OLDER MEN who is looking for the same and although I have not been in this experience until now I think I will feel good.
    I am a educated man very neat and clean man not smoke, alcohol, drugs . I love quiet places. As i don’t make lot of money for afford a expensive rent and bills I only want to seek a place that be clean and safe.
    I wrote this note for having contact with you for when the time comes.

  41. Jose

    I have not gotten that my email address and password be accepted log in. I don’t know that is happening.

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Jose,

      Please send an email to our support team at support [at] stitch [dot] net and they should be able to help you out.


      1. Jose

        Hello Andrew, Thanks for your suggestion.
        I sent an e mail to you.

  42. Emmanuel

    Can you please extend this to some African countries?

  43. Jill Morse

    I have lived in my duplex for 15 years in San Mateo, CA. My landlord now wants to move in his brother, and so I must vacate. The rental prices in the Bay Area are outrageous, and it seems the only logical way to go is to find a roommate. I am a retired Human Resources professional with an adorable well behaved Welsh Terrier, looking for another dog lover to share a space with. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would be grateful for your advice.

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Jill,

      How frustrating! Have you spotted the Stitch Group that Sonia just created for Bay Area members called “Housing offered – housing needed”? It’s only just getting started but she’s keen to help us find ways to make it easier for members to find roommates in their area.


      1. Jill Morse

        Hi Andrew

        No I searched for it but not able to see it.
        How do I find it?

        1. Jill Morse

          Found it! Thanks Andrew

  44. Catherine Webb

    Hi my name is Catherine i live in Illinois and i am just fresh out of my marriage of 27 years. I have family in the Orlando Florida area i would love to move there to be close to me sister. I am looking for a room to rent and new friends. I would stay with my little sister but her place is to small. If there is anyone renting a room in this area please contact me. I am a great caring and loving person i am 59 years old and ready to enjoy my life again thanks everyone.

  45. Liz

    Hello! I am a 58 year old working female looking for a room to rent preferably in Moorpark, CA or within 25 miles of. I have a small completely adorable female dog that I would love for someone at home to enjoy a bit while I am gone during the day or is open to letting me hire someone to walk her during the day. In my spare time, I go horseback riding pretty much exclusively. I don’t have nor want a boyfriend, am very neat and clean and a good roommate. I do have a limited income so I cannot afford more than $450 per month at this time but I am taking classes to make more money!!

  46. Sherri Palmer


  47. Sherri Palmer

    Interested in Liz of moor e ca

  48. Angie

    Is this in Australia as i find this a great idea, being alone in a large home in Tasmania, i have at least one spare, fully furnished room and i would love to find someone in my age group or mature anyway to share my home with. I am mid fifties so looking for another mature, Honest female who would like to rent a room and share my home with. Must like small dogs.
    I do not have any family left and am on my own. I would love to have some similar type company to perhaps do some compatible things with.

    1. morro good

      Hello, I live in Santa Cruz, CA and would love to trade accommodations with you in Australia. Under the beautiful redwoods here and near the ocean. G

    2. Dawn

      Well I’m not elderly but I feel it. I am 32. I’m laid back, love animals and would love to see the outback. I am a single mother.

  49. Carol Lewis

    So glad I found this. Am an “elder orphan”, no family left Lonely. Not looking for a dating site. Just a few good women friends to share things with. Always wanted a sister.Anyone out there willing to “adopt” me?

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Stitch will adopt you Carol!

    2. June Williams

      Hmm, I don’t know about Stich or even the Stich community, but if you are a caring person then I believe you will find someone to share your life with.

  50. Dawn

    I am not elder. Although I feel it. But I am now left with no family and am very lonley everyday. I don’t trust people my age which is 32. I would love a safe loving trusting roommate. If I’m out of boundary posting on here, please let me know.

  51. Gaitree Mohan

    I am a single mother of two 4 and 8 looking for a person who is like a mother and grandmother figure to look up on, I am very loving and care person, have a great sense of human, love to talk, I have my own van and depend on my own expecse, just want some one to trust to been around me and my kids, i never drink alcohol, smoke or do any drugs. Just want a new start in my life and grow my kids up with good education

    1. Merrily

      where do you live?

  52. Gaitree Mohan

    I don’t need any man around my kids and me, I trust no one

  53. Carl

    I live in harrison Tennessee looking for a female roommate who is looking for a possible relationship and a good life with me

  54. Linda.monreal

    Looking for someone over 60 to have for roommates i have 2 bed room available at 450 a month.

  55. Jose Trejos

    Looking for an older man living alone in a house or apartment and who is seeking a roommate. I will be traveling to NYC on March 5th to settle down again. Retired Professional
    The preferred place but not mandatory in Flushing, NY 11354 or around, close to 7 train Station..

  56. Diane Hughes

    Am looking for a roommate, preferably a senior woman, in Denver CO.

  57. Anne Wilson

    I am a 61 year old female with a beloved dog, Lena, who is the sweetest dog. I’m looking to rent a home, duplex, condo, etc. with another female of similar age who also loves animals in the St. Paul, Minnesota area starting in June, July or August of this year. Thank you!

  58. Susan Brown

    I am a 67 year old female in Burlington NC i own my own townhouse. I need to redo my extra room it has a loveseat right now but no bed and dresser. It has a tv and dvd player and desk and am willing to leave that. My cat just died, I have another cat (4 years old) and its just me and her right now she is very shy with new people. I am thinking maybe to convert it into a spare bedroom. Or the person can bring their own furnishings. I am thinking of a few months from now

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