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How To Throw a World Cup Party

How To Throw a World Cup Party

Well, the World Cup is underway and, as usual, things are getting a bit crazy around the globe. If you didn’t take a wild trip to Brazil and get caught in the herd of thousands of people, you might find yourself relaxing on your couch with a nice cup of coffee glancing at the soccer game every now and then. Or maybe you’re yelling at the TV thinking your team will hear your oh-so-great words of wisdom. In any case, just because you didn’t jet off to Rio doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. In fact, we have some tricks up our sleeve that will help bring the World Cup party to you!

Whether you’re a soccer expert, a wannabe soccer fan, or you’re thinking, ‘What the heck is a World Cup?’, you can throw a successful FIFA World Cup get-together with a little help from your friends here at Stitch. Just follow our tips below:


Tip #1: Come One, Come All

Pick one or more soccer game(s) you think your friends would be interested in. Find the date and time, choose a venue, and get ready to rumble! You can see all the games on the official FIFA website.

Everyone knows you can’t have a party without the people. Get started by contacting your friends. If you would like to make the event slightly more formal, try creating some fun, soccer-themed invitations on Paperless Post or another e-card website (of course, you will need to plan further in advance for this to give your guests enough time to RSVP).

If you want to jazz up your party, tell your guests to each invite a friend. This makes any event a little more exciting – everyone loves getting to know some new friendly faces! And don’t worry, sports games provide great icebreakers and awesome interludes for any awkward pauses.


Tip #2: Let the Betting Begin

World Cup PartySure, soccer games are fun, but you might want to enhance the excitement with a friendly round of betting. Soccer fans around the globe enter into betting pools where they predict which teams will make the final four and which will win the World Cup. This is a great idea if you plan to have multiple parties throughout the tournament. But if you are aiming to just have some friends over for one game, we suggest you try what we call “Player Pride”.

How to Play “Player Pride”

To start the game, draw a grid with 12 squares on a sheet of paper. Number the squares 1 through 12. Have each guest put his or her name in one of the squares and place a specified amount of money in a bowl – it could be anywhere from one dollar to a hundred, just make sure everyone agrees to put in the same amount. (note: if you have less than 12 people, have your guests choose two squares. If you have more than 12, you may have them double up on squares.)

Next, choose the top 6 people from the two soccer teams that are most likely to score a goal (usually the forward and midfield players). If you are not an avid soccer fan, look up both of the competing teams online here and find the top 6 players. Write out the names of the players on 12 individual pieces of paper. Put these in a hat and draw them out one by one. The first one you draw will be for the first square, the second for the second square, and so on. Each square will be assigned a player, and thus, each of your guests will have a player to root for throughout the game. We guarantee this will get all of your guests involved in the match and get some friendly rivalry going amongst your guests.

At the end of the game, divide all of the money up based on which players scored throughout the game. No matter the outcome, your guests will have so much fun with the betting game that they will all feel like winners.

The best part? The World Cup never ends (or so it seems). We are willing to bet that your guests will have such a blast, they will want to keep the party going. Someone may volunteer to host the next event at their house, and the betting can continue. All’s fair in soccer and war, right?


Tip #3: Let them eat cake (and snacks)!

What’s a sports game without some snacks to munch on? Trust us, you don’t want to find out. Here are a few recipes that everyone is sure to love:

World Cup party snacksSliders are the must-have for a game-day party! Try this recipe for some meaty yet decadent sliders your sports fans are sure to love.

We can’t forget about the vegetarians. Here’s a light and delicious guacamole recipe. Quick and easy – just grab some chips and dip!

If you’re looking for another simple snack, try making a platter with a variety of your favorite vegetables and a side of dipping sauce.

Now, the pièce de résistance: the cake, of course! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry – let’s face it, any cake will excite your guests. But we have an extra-special recipe that will be the hit of the party. This cake… well, takes the cake!

World Cup party cakeClick here to check out our favorite (and simple) soccer cake recipe.

Warning: your cake may become the center of attention! But the real icing on the cake is the surprise on your guests’ face when they find out you baked it all by yourself!

With this cake, you’ll have everyone screaming… “GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!”


Now put your worries aside and rest assured that your guests will have the time of their lives. Everyone will have such a blast, they may not even remember the score of the game. With our tips in mind, you are guaranteed to have some fun with your company and throw the World Cup party everyone on the block will be talking about!

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