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Dear Sandy: RV Road Trip?

Dear Sandy: RV Road Trip?
Sharon asks…
Thanks for a great blog Sandy!…. I would be interested to know what is your favorite RV trip in the United States? I am from Southern California and my friend and I are planning a trip across the country next month and want to know the best stops?

Dear Sharon,

I can’t give you my personal favorite RV trip in the U.S. since I haven’t taken one. I’m of the “fly-to-the-destination” kind of traveler. That said, I did some research for you and this is what I found from the experts.

RV Road TripRoad Trip USA: Below is the link to a fabulous interactive map. It shows 11 road trips – 3 of which start in California and end on the East Coast. You can click on the map. It gives you an overview of the entire trip, and then you can click state by state with road maps. If you do take Route 66, be sure to stop at the Route 66 souvenir shop in Flagstaff, AZ.

I think you and your friend would be able to pick and choose and come up with the highlights that are of most interest to the both of you. It sounds like you are planning to leave in November. Even the southern routes can get snow in winter. I did get caught in a snow storm in New Mexico and Arizona driving Highway 10 in late December. Remember to take chains with you.

RV Road Trip

Big Sur, California

I am also including a link to Tracks & Trails where you can download a copy of: RV Having Fun Yet? A beginner’s guide to hassle-free RVing:

As Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sang, “Happy Trails to you!”

RV Road Trip

Safe travels,


IMG_0199AKAimage123cropspotlite (3)ABOUT SANDY:

Sandy Lipkowitz is a travel expert and consultant. She has traveled to nearly every continent and was voted Reader’s Choice: Best Travel Agent (in San Francisco) by the “J” Weekly. While Sandy currently resides in San Francisco, she is very eager to help any and all travelers across the globe.
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