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Tips For The Best Stitch Online Profile

Tips For The Best Stitch Online Profile

online profile tipsAbout Ken Solin:

Ken recently joined Stitch as an advisor and brand ambassador. His passion is helping Stitch members enjoy their best possible online dating experience. Ken has written about senior dating for The Huffington PostAARPMaria Shriver, and for a decade, and the information he shares is based on his dating experiences, and those of thousands of readers who comment on his articles.

Hello, I’m Ken and I am going to walk you through how to best complete your Stitch profile. Filling out an online profile can be overwhelming, but I am going to show you that it can be even more fun than you may think (not to mention very important if you want to find the right match!).

I’ve written about senior sex, dating, and relationships for the past decade as a columnist and author, and I often look at online profiles for article topics. Many profiles are poorly crafted and unlikely to attract attention.

Here are some tips that will increase your chances of getting Stitched:


Part 1:  Tell us about yourself

online profile tips


This space is a golden opportunity to share your uniqueness with other Stitch members. A sentence or two won’t work. And remember, you can go back into your profile and make changes anytime, so feel free to mention a specific concert next weekend or an upcoming holiday idea. Profiles work best when they’re fluid. Someone who skipped over you initially may be attracted to something you just added or changed.

The list of activities included in the “Tell us about yourself” section can be as long as the number you enjoy. Just remember to express your desire to share your favorite activities.


Be creative and inclusive. Need ideas? Here are some examples:

  • If you’re a hiker or enjoy long walks, a hike/walk picnic will attract attention.
  • You have season tickets to the theater or the opera you’d like to share.
  • There’s a film festival, art opening, wine tasting, new restaurant, or dance class you’d like to take with someone.
  • Maybe you enjoy going out to restaurants, or perhaps you prefer staying home and cooking a special dinner with someone.
  • You’re a romantic at heart, but appreciate a soft buildup getting to know someone.
  • You’re an avid reader, writer, or poet, and enjoy spending a rainy afternoon browsing the aisles of a bookstore.
  • You love Sunday brunch, but it’s more fun with a companion.
  • If you’ve traveled a lot, pick a favorite place and write a short screenplay about sharing that place with another Stitch member. This is a refreshing alternative to typical profiles. Stitch members will enjoy your film if they can easily picture themselves co-starring in it. Sharing your favorite places and things that bring Stitch members into your story by making them a part of it.
I wrote a short film about sharing Paris with a special woman. Walking arm in arm along the Seine on a sunny morning on the way to the Muse D’Orsay, the magnificent Impressionist museum. Holding hands while strolling through the museum, followed by a late lunch at a sidewalk café, and a blissful romantic afternoon. Drinks at a brasserie, and a quiet dinner afterward at a candlelit neighborhood restaurant. 



Part 2: Tell us who you’re looking for

online profile tips

This is an opportunity to flesh out your future companion requirements. Share the qualities you feel make someone special, and explain why you feel it’s important to meet someone with those qualities. Talk about your skills, and why meeting someone equally skilled matters to you. If you’re looking for a romantic partner, consider sharing what you’ve learned from past relationships, in terms of how those lessons make you a good relationship prospect.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • You’re an openhearted, trusting person, so explain why you feel those qualities are important in a companion. An example is to mention vulnerability as it relates to companions being willing to admit when they’re wrong, and why you feel that’s an important quality.
  • You’re interested in learning about people’s personal growth paths and have done some growth work, so explain how your learned skills make you a good fit for a companion who has expanded their universe.
  • You like a companion who’s willing and capable of supporting you in the context of a loving relationship.
  • You feel good relationships expand someone’s world, not shrink it, and you seek a companion who understands what this means. Of course, you should be able to explain what this means to you.
  • You’re shy and feel most comfortable meeting other shy men or women.
  • You’re a type A personality and prefer dating other Type A’s.

Be clear about whom you’re looking for in as specific terms as possible. You can’t appeal to everyone, so focus on appealing to kindred spirits.


Part 3: Show more about yourself with some photos

online profile tips

Even the best-written profile won’t sparkle if the photo at the top isn’t perfect, but perfect doesn’t mean beautiful, flawless, or professionally taken. Every woman who smiles is beautiful, and every smiling man looks handsome. A smile suggests an appealing, joyful person, and everyone wants to date a happy camper.

Stitch can even help you with your photo if you’re having difficulties. You might consider changing your photo once a month to refresh your profile.

online profile tipsAnd when you get Stitched, remember that meeting up is supposed to be fun. Smile when you meet your Stitch in person, because a smile is still the best icebreaker.


Wishing every Stitch member a perfect Stitch!



Questions or comments for Ken? Leave them in the comments section below and he will answer them!



  1. Leonee

    I found the ideas you brought, were refreshing and supportive, and I thank you for that. They bring oneself to the point in a gentle, loving way. And being specific about oneself, helps the reader of someone else’s profile, to get also specific ideas, what the other person would like, or even to expand the way he/she thought about themselves and others, more and getting new ideas how to approach the partner, in a more formidable and sincere way.

    1. Jackie Dion

      Hi Leonee,
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, being specific about oneself on the Stitch profile always helps other Stitchers understand more about you when they read your profile while browsing. Then, they can know what your interests are and what you’re looking for before they connect with you. We find that those who write the most about themselves and what they’re looking for on their profiles get Stitched more often!

  2. Roselyn Waters

    Thankyou for your words of wisdom Ken , I appreciate and value your thoughts and suggestions. Most certainly it was my intention to write more however im using my phone as my computer and found whenever I started to continue the sign from stitch saying thats good keep writing (words similar) appear and I can nolonger read as I write. Very frustrating and I could hardly wait to finish my profile…any suggestions to this problem would be appreciated.
    Thanks stitch

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