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Listen To Bittersweet Holiday Recordings From WWII

Listen To Bittersweet Holiday Recordings From WWII

Since the holiday season is upon us, we asked our friends at Pop Up Archive if we could share with you a bittersweet holiday recording from WWII. The recording is a compilation of the voices of women left behind during the war as their husbands went off to fight for our country. You can feel the powerful emotions behind their words as they discuss the war and the separation that came along with it.


Some highlights from this recording:

“Struggling to put tree lights together with tears streaming down my face.”

“I guess one of the horrors is not only not knowing it’s going to happen but also not having the chance to say goodbye.”

“I imagine our relationships were no where near where they would’ve been if we didn’t have to go through the war experience and the separation.”



recordings from wwiiWe think this recording is so compelling and reminds us all of what it feels like to be separated from those we love. Whether we’ve lost a spouse or have had a long-distance relationship, we all can relate to the pain of separation. And the women of World War II certainly understood what that feels like, especially during the holidays.

Caught up with the burden of the war and the fear of each day’s news, these women were many times just as heroic as their husbands who fought overseas.


About Pop Up Archive:

One of the latest and greatest new companies, Pop Up Archive, has officially made old recordings accessible online. They have taken old radio segments, presidential speeches, historical interviews, and so much more, and have added written text so that you can read along. This means, that you can now search for recordings online that you’ve never been able to find, and you can finally listen to them.

Pop Up Archive lets you take yourself back in time and feel as though you were there when Reagan gave his inaugural speech or when Nelson Mandela spoke while on trial. And now, you can follow along with the words while listening to these memorable voices.


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