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Introducing: Stitch Local Events and Activities

Local events

Stitch’s mission is and will always be to combat loneliness.

But how do we do that?

By connecting great people to do things with each other.

And how do we do THAT?

Well, there’s Stitch online browsing, of course. But now, we’re adding something else:

Events and Activities for (and run by) Local Stitchers

Right now, we have thousands of great people who have signed up for Stitch. Many of them are in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the rest are spread all over the country, and even the world!

While we are still growing to be able to offer guaranteed local profile browsing in all major cities, we want our members across the globe to still be able to meet local companions in their areas. That’s why we’re introducing Activities and Events.

It’s as simple as this: As a verified Stitch member, you can submit an activity, event, or something else you would like to do with other people in your area. Then, the Stitch team will approve it and send it out to your local Stitch members. Stitch Local Events

Here are some examples that have come in so far:

  • A casual coffee on a late Saturday afternoon to have a chat and connect with new people!
  • Meeting up at the Farmer’s market and walking around, tasting and checking out the vendors
  • Grabbing tickets to the Opera because going as a group is just more fun!
  • Bocce Ball and ice cream (could anything be better?)

Whether big or small, it’s almost always more fun to do something with someone else than to do it alone.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Stitch, verify your identity, and then check out the Stitch community events and submit your own!

Click here to Sign Up for Stitch

Click here to Sign up For Events*


*NOTE: To have a successful RSVP for all of our events, you must be a Stitch verified member. Click here to get verified. 



  1. Marlene

    Congrats on the tri-State extension. Does it reach as far as Pittsford NY?

  2. Marcie Rogo

    Hi Marlene, Thank you so much and thank you for the question! Right now, we do not extend as far as Pittsford. However, we are hoping our growth in the Tri-State area encourages the growth around the East Coast. I do encourage you, however to still try Stitch with the Distance Setting “Anywhere in the world” since you can still browse and meet people, we just can’t guarantee yet that they will all be in your local area. Half of our members are using this feature and finding new friends in new areas! We have also introduced Stitch Activities and Events so that verified Stitch members can still get together in groups in any area, even if we don’t have the high amount of profiles needed to guarantee Local Stitching. I hope that helps answer your question and that we can get you Stitched!

  3. Dawn

    Hello I would just like to ask I tried to get some information on the national park walk on the Central Coast but was unable to get the info on this.It is being held on 25and26th of July.
    Thankyou so much.

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Dawn,
      If you log into your Stitch account and click this link: it sounds like our member Christina suggested this walk. You can comment in the comments section and ask her more information. Please email support if you need any assistance.


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