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Valentine’s Day Activities For Everyone

Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is the holiday that sets expectations for a magically romantic day filled with expressions of everlasting love. For some, this might be true – those with spouses and romantic companions cherish this day together. But, those of us who don’t have that one special valentine to spend our day with, are incessantly reminded of the fact that we are, yes, alone.

Well, let us assure you that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be that lonesome after all.

This year, we are re-inventing Valentine’s Day. We say that you don’t have to share this day with one lover or one special valentine. Why not spend Valentine’s Day (the day of love) with those who mean the most to you? Friends, cousins, grandchildren, neighbors – whoever you hold close to your heart. February 14th doesn’t have to be about having a romantic candlelit dinner date or showering your sweetie with bright red gifts. Whether you have a significant other or not, we all can celebrate Valentine’s Day and have a wonderful time doing so.

Here are some great activities to help you share the love this February 14th, romantic companion or not:

1. Dine Out With A Friend (Romance Optional)

Who said Valentine’s Day dinners have to be romantic? This year, call up a single friend and invite him or her to dinner. When two people unite, life (and this holiday) is a lot more fun. Don’t worry, asking a friend to be your Valentine for the day doesn’t mean you’re in love. You can simply enjoy one another’s company and some delicious food. And don’t forget to take advantage of the Valentine’s Day specials at your local restaurants!

Valentine's Day Activities

2. Throw A Pajama Party With Your Girls (Or Guys)

If you’re really going to stay at home in your pj’s eating ice cream, you might as well invite some friends over to join! Spend the evening with a group of friends watching reruns of “I Love Lucy” and eating sweets. Or grab a bottle of wine to share and chitchat by the fireplace. Maybe even ask all your friends to each bring their favorite appetizer over for some snacking. If you’re really embracing the holiday love, you can make heart-shaped cakes and cookies for your guests to enjoy. Whatever the case, spending a night in doesn’t have to be lonely – you can spend it spreading joy and love with your closest friends.

3. Make Your Grandchildren Your Valentines

Valentine's Day ActivitiesMost grandchildren are too young to have a special Valentine to spend the holiday with… So why not direct your love and affection to them? Free up the night for their parents to enjoy a romantic dinner together while you keep an eye on your adorable grandkids! Kids love to be spoiled by grandma and grandpa, especially when presents are involved. Shower them in special Valentine’s gifts – candy, chocolates, cards, even heart-themed toys. If you’re extra ambitious, you can make an adorable care package filled with all sorts of Valentine’s Day goodies! The joy on their faces will surely warm your heart this Valentine’s Day.

4. Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Sometimes all that’s needed on a day like this is a tiny bit of love. And nothing fills our hearts more than doing something thoughtful for someone else. Whether that’s sending a sweet note to someone suffering from a loss, or volunteering your time at an orphanage, on this day you have the power to make a huge difference in someone’s life. And all it takes is a small act from your heart to theirs.

5. Find Company On Stitch

It’s never to late to find a companion for Valentine’s Day, and we can help you do so. Stitch is the ONLY website out there that has a romantic and non-romantic option, so you can find a romantic companion or even just some company for this holiday. Maybe it’s just a movie, maybe a dinner outing –  Whatever the case, give us a whirl this Valentine’s Day – you never know who you might find!


We all have a lot of love to give, so let’s go out and share it – with friends, with family, with romantic companions, with neighbors, with the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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