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Stitch 2.0: New Features For Group Travel and Local Events

Stitch 2.0: New Features For Group Travel and Local Events

At Stitch, what we care most about is connecting people together. Stitch was originally created specifically for finding companionship through person-to-person connections via our online service, which allows you to browse through profiles of like-minded adults in your area. We have thousands of people enjoying this service, with both our local and extended Stitching opportunities.

However, since we started Stitch, we have had many requests to get groups of Stitchers together in person. Many people want to meet other members in a travel group; others want to get groups together for an activity or event in their area. We did our research and with member feedback, we have been hard at work for several months creating a brand new version of our website that gives our members the ability to meet other Stitchers in a group setting.

Specifically, we have added new features for group events and activities, as well as future group travel opportunities. Now, any and all of our members in locations around the world can join together for fun outings and exciting new adventures.

Stitch Group Events and Activities

We designed our events to help Stitchers get connected with one another for fun, in-person activities and gatherings. They are available for all verified Stitch members who enjoy having some company for fun events in any city around the world. Even if Stitch online local browsing is not yet available in your city, you can still have events in your area! Get together in person for coffee, lunch, maybe even a museum tour – whatever you like.

Many of our members have already held Stitch events in their cities, and we have tons more coming up – Chicago, Orlando, Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, and more! Our members are loving these group gatherings, and have been having a blast meeting others for some fun and laughs. We recently had several coffee meetups, where members were able to share stories and have some great conversations.

Stitch Group Travel and Events Los Gatos

Stitchers gathered around at our casual coffee meetup in Los Gatos, CA.

Because our events have been so popular, we have added a new “Events” section to the Stitch homepage for our members to view once they have logged into their accounts.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.45.33 PMJust login and you can browse through events to see if any interest you. Even better, our verified members can now suggest an event of any time, in any location. We check that there are enough Stitchers in your area, and then the event can be confirmed for other members to RSVP. The process is simple and easy, because that’s how we like to do things at Stitch.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.42.48 PM

We are very excited that we can offer a new aspect to Stitch. Now that members are getting together in person, they can meet Stitchers in a group, and also still spend time online getting Stitched by browsing profiles. We are so thrilled to have our Stitch events up and running, and can’t wait to see more groups of Stitchers connecting together around the world.

Stitch Group Travel

One of the most common interests our members have is traveling. Many of our Stitchers love to explore the world and try new adventures, and we have received countless requests for Stitch trips to various locations around the globe. A lot of our traveling members have also been looking for someone to share a room with to save money and meet someone new. Fortunately, we have found a way for Stitch to help. After much careful planning and research, we have been able to create several “Stitch Trips” for 2015 with the help of our Travel Expert Sandy Lipkowitz.

We recently hosted our very first Stitch Trip – a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. It’s an understatement to say our members had a great time. In fact, they had such a fabulous time dancing, sipping, and cruising down the coast on the beautiful blue waters that the four days and three nights just flew by! For our first trip, Stitch team member Michael cruised down to Mexico with our Stitchers – to read his recap of the trip and see why our Stitchers had such a blast click here.

Stitch Group Travel Mexico

Stitchers on a cruise for our first Stitch Trip to Ensenada, Mexico


Needless to say, our members loved the Ensenada trip, and we have received numerous requests for more trips. That’s why we have added a new section to the Stitch homepage called “Travel”, located right above the “Events” section.

Stitch Group Travel and Activities Home Page

Just click on the “Travel” box on the homepage to see our upcoming Stitch Trips!


Stitch Group Travel PageWe have some amazing trips coming up this year, including an Alaskan Cruise, an Eastern European River Cruise, and a Wine and Food Tour of Tuscany. Our website upgrade now makes sure that the information about Stitch Trips is always easily accessible by our verified members.

As always, if you have any suggestions of future trips, we’d love to hear from you. For those of you traveling solo, we are offering a roommate matching service to pair you with the best roommate for you.

Other Upgrades

In addition to the group Stitching features, we have also upgraded our Identity Verification system, making our process more secure than ever before. Additionally, our “Community” section includes the latest Stitch Blog posts and other ways to interact with Stitchers on social media.

As mentioned previously, Stitch is all about connecting people together. We are excited to add Stitch Trips as another component to Stitch that allows our members to get together to share the love of travel, as well as other interests along the way.

Now, with our new Stitch homepage design, you can connect with like-minded adults in three ways:

1. Via our online browsing – by clicking “Profiles” on your Stitch Homepage

2. In a group at fun Stitch Events – by clicking “Events” on your Stitch Homepage

3. Abroad during exciting Stitch Trip adventures – by clicking “Travel” on your Stitch Homepage


Connect with other adults whichever way you choose – but we recommend trying all three!



We would love to get your feedback on our new Stitch features – what do you think? Let us know at

Want to read more about navigating our new Stitch Homepage? Click here.


  1. sue

    R u going 2 come 2 the So. Jersey-Phila area?

  2. Merle

    hello I’m in Australia how do I best make my connection here?? Thanks. M

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Merle,
      Thanks for asking! The best way to get started is to click “Sign up” at the top of your screen to create your Stitch profile. Then, you’ll be be able to view the other Australian members around you, start communicating, attend activities, and more!

  3. Choy

    I joined and created a profile and then delete it because I thought I have to pay first my membership. Not sure if my account/profile can still be re-instated.



    1. Andrew Dowling

      Thanks Choy … we’ve reactivated your profile now — please contact Stitch support if you have any problems logging in.

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