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3 Reasons Why Your Stitch Profile Really Does Matter

Stitch Profile

One of the wonderful ways you can connect with members on Stitch is through the “Profiles” section. This lets you browse profiles of real people on Stitch and read a little bit about them. If you’re interested in someone, you can anonymously click the “I’m interested” button. If this person happens to express interest in your profile as well, then you will be “Stitched” and can start communicating securely and privately.

Now you can imagine why making your profile really shine is so important – it’s the first impression members have of you!

Our members love to read about other Stitchers to get to know them a little better before expressing interest. Your profile is a glimpse into who you really are, and while it may be hard to find the words to express yourself, the saying “the more, the better” really holds true when it comes to your Stitch profile. In fact, members are twice as likely to express interest in people who have provided more information on their profiles rather than those who have less!

Stitch Profile

Although only a few simple fields are required to get Stitching, we strongly suggest that you fill out all optional questions and add extra photos. It’s important to tell others what you’re looking for and express who you are! This makes the Stitching process that much smoother.

Well, you might not be totally convinced yet as to why profiles are super-duper important… I mean, they’re just images and words, right? (Wrong!) So, we’ve put together 3 reasons why completing ALL sections of your Stitch profile (both required and optional) will make your Stitch experience twice as great:


1. You show commitment

By filling out more of your profile, you are expressing to other Stitch members that you care. You care about letting them know who you are, and you care about finding the right companion(s) for you. Answering the optional questions and including as many of your interests as possible shows members that you are dedicated to the Stitching process and want them to make a good decision after perusing your profile – You’re not just looking for anyone, but someone who appreciates the real you! When Stitchers Stitch Profileknow you’re committed, they are much more likely to read your profile carefully and consider if you are the right match for them. Besides, if you happen to get Stitched, you’ll already have topics of conversation to discuss since you’ve provided more information on your profile!

But showing commitment isn’t just about answering the optional questions and including all of your interests. It’s also about keeping your photos updated and making sure they properly express who you are. The best profile photos are those that are recent and show your personality and interests. Your main profile photo should be a current, clear picture of yourself (smiling, of course!), and you should also include several other photos (up to 4) that show you doing the things you love – Perhaps a picture with your dog or grandchildren because they mean so much to you, or a photo of you cycling, traveling, playing chess – whatever you enjoy! The more pictures you are able to include that express yourself, the more members will recognize your commitment to the Stitching process. (Just make sure you are the shining star in each picture. After all, your profile is all about YOU!)

2. You’re more trustworthy

We’ve all seen the typical scammer profile on other websites – the ones with a perfect headshot and a few vague sentences about why they’re romantic or want to find a friend. You can immediately smell something fishy when you see such a profile, and you’re less trusting since you really don’t know anything about them. The same applies to Stitch. When members see profiles that give very little information or just have one photo, they are skeptical and unsure if that person is the right companion. More often than not, members will click “Not interested” on profiles with limited information, because that person feels like a stranger.

Stitch Profile

Before Stitchers start communicating with you, they want to know that they can trust you are who you say you are. The more pictures they see of you, the more they can trust your identity. And the more they read about you, the more interest they will have in getting to know you. By adding more photos and taking extra time to put care into your answers, you are exhibiting trustworthy behaviors on Stitch. Ultimately, members will recognize this and feel more comfortable clicking “I’m interested” on your profile!

3. You’ll get Stitched sooner

Last but not least, with more pictures and more information on your profile, you’ll get Stitched sooner. Yep, it’s true! (Well, we can’t absolutely guarantee that you will get Stitched immediately, but we can surely say that the odds are in your favor.)

Members have told us time and time again that they are much more likely to be interested in members who have written more about themselves and provided additional photos. When you write more on your profile, members know that you are committed and trustworthy. But what’s more is that if your Stitch profile is complete, members are more likely to find something they share in common with you! This doubles your chances of getting Stitched and even gives you more to talk about when communicating with one another.

But, wait – that’s not all!

Stitch Profile


Most importantly, when you complete your full profile, you will receive a 5-star profile rating on Stitch. When you have a 5-star profile, you will be prioritized among all Stitch profiles. This means not only that more members will see you when browsing through their profiles, but also that they will see you sooner than the profiles that have 4 stars or less. When more members see your profile, you are likely to get more interest… so you have very high chances of getting Stitched quickly!

Now if that doesn’t get you excited to complete your Stitch profile, then we don’t know what will!

To update your profile and earn a 5-star profile rating, click here.

If you’d like to sign up for Stitch, click here.

Happy Stitching!


  1. cassandra

    I was one of the four people to have dinner on 3/17 in Los Angeles, however it was postponed due to the St. Patrick Day holiday. When will it be rescheduled ? Thank you

    1. Jackie Dion

      Hi Cassandra,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you’re interested in attending our next dinner in LA. We are in the process of rescheduling the event. Would you mind sending a message directly to so that we can connect you with our Events Coordinator?

      Thank you!

  2. Carolyn

    I’m very impressed with your professionalism but am really only interested in a pen pal at this point, as I live on the West coast of Australia and at last report there were no other people in this state who had signed up to Stitch.

    1. Jackie Dion

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you! We are not quite built up on the West coast yet, but we are working on a large marketing push in Australia very soon. This will increase our numbers throughout Australia. In the meantime, you are always welcome to come on our Stitch Trips to meet Stitchers from around the world! We also have many members who live in various countries and do long-distance Stitching to message members from all over the world.


  3. Kathleen Orton

    I’m very disappointed with Stitch. I signed up for the free membership just to get a feel for it before I put any money into it. I had such high hopes for this! First of all, while setting up my profile, I never got the option for a romantic or non-romantic relationship. Nor, was I given the option for gender preference. Finally, after taking well over 2 hours to set it up, I get the option to search profiles. The first one is a man, named Peter, in Australia. I was given the option at that time to accept, decline or “maybe later”. Well, not sure what I wanted to do as yet, I chose “maybe later”. The remaining 4 or 5 “stitches” were FEMALE! I’m thinking WTH? So I declined all the females and that was the END of the list! I finally figured out that I can go into my settings and fix the “relationship” status. I then decided to go back to the profiles to re-evaluate “Peter” from Australia and, wouldn’t you know, I can’t because the “maybe later” feature is only available to paying customers even though a “free” customer has the ability to choose the “maybe later” option. Now I am looking at the Travel and Events & Activities and all the responses are mostly female. I honestly don’t think I want to waste any of my hard earned money for a monthly fee only to find out that 5 or 6 people are all that are available….and….that they are the same gender as me looking for that “elusive” male companion.

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Kathleen,

      It’s Andrew Dowling here, CEO and co-founder of Stitch. I’m really sorry about your experience with Stitch so far. We made a change a couple of weeks ago to try to streamline the signup process for Stitch and remove the step which forces you to set your search settings before you can see any profiles. We did this by setting everyone to “male+female companionship” for their search settings, with the idea that if anyone wanted to make things more targeted (e.g. by looking for romance, or only seeking to meet males, or to narrow your distance settings), they could do so by changing their search settings once they signed up. This works for many of our users but has clearly created a pretty sub-par experience for anyone looking for romance. Even though the change was well-intentioned (we wanted to make signup simpler), it was clearly a misguided move on our part. We’re going to be re-introducing that step to the signup process again in the next couple of weeks based on your feedback, so thanks for taking the time to let us know how you felt about it. We’d much prefer people to tell us their frustrations, as then we can at least try to fix things!

      I actually tried looking for your account in our system but couldn’t find you … if you’d like to send through an email to our support team at ( then we’d be able to let you know how many men are in your area right now, and what you can expect from Stitch. We do have more women than men on the system (approx. 5 women for every 2 men) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t men for you to meet! Hope to hear from you soon and help you out with your account.


      PS. The reason free users can still use the Maybe Later button is that hitting this button will tell the system to show you that person’s profile again in the future. So if you just be patient you’ll get back to Peter at some point! But before then you’ll see a lot more of the male Stitch members so will be in a better place to judge what the community is like. Thanks again for your feedback!

  4. lauretta findlay

    Is there stitch in St lucie county fl

    If only in calif. Then I really can’t bother
    Thank you lauretta

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Lauretta,

      Stitch isn’t only in California, we are now growing in locations across the country. It is true however that we are a new community and so we may not have many people near you yet. That’s one reason we make sure the Guest Membership with Stitch is absolutely free … why don’t you just sign up, and then when other community of Stitchers near you starts to grow, you’ll be notified about the events and activities they’re suggesting and you can start to meet them!


  5. Jane

    Is there any participation in the Evansville, Indiana area? We are also within a 3 hour drive of Louisville, Nashville, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.

  6. Constance Lewis

    I am interested in joining but I had some concerns about the payment URL. It’s not an https and I felt it wasn’t secure enough for my credit card details (especially the CCV).
    Can you provide more information?

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Connie,

      Everything on Stitch is fully encrypted using HTTPS so if you aren’t seeing this at your end then you may have encountered something specific to your setup. I’ll reach out to you directly to help.


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