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Recap of our San Francisco Stitch Community Launch Party

Stitch Launch

On Sunday, August 9th, Stitch celebrated a huge milestone: launching our online Community with Member Events Activities.

You might be wondering why we would celebrate a “launch” if we’ve been in business for over a year? It’s because we recently added a new feature to our app that allows members to have discussions in groups and coordinate things they love doing. It is very important for us to drive more connections beyond our one-to-one introductions. And now, we’re doing it around our members’ passions and interests, and the results have been AMAZING! Read more about it here.

Over 100 Stitch members and friends joined our San Francisco team on Sunday to celebrate, and celebrate we did!

stitch launchStitchers were greeted by Winston, a doorman checking IDs to ensure everyone entered was over 50! We did this because most parties thrown by tech startups are for young people; on Sunday, that was not the case. This event was exclusively for mature adults!

The venue could not have been more perfect! We were on the water at Mission Rock Resort in Mission Bay, and there wasn’t a cloud on the sky. There was no better place to be on Sunday afternoon. We snacked on delicious appetizers including tons of fresh seafood, enjoyed some beer and wine, danced to some fantastic live Jazz from Dave Schroder, and of course mingled and chatted.

I (Marcie) made a short speech about the importance our community and emphasized that the people in front me are essential to the future of Stitch. Without our members’ feedback and advice, there would be no Stitch. Every day, we are making Stitch better with their guidance. Their current suggestions are already being built, including a community forum and job board.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the Beer Pong tournament! New and old friends teamed up to play this super fun and interactive “drinking game” (with water or beer).Stitch Launch  Some people had never played the game because it’s most popular among college students, but later found out it is a fantastic way to get to know someone new. Part of what we want to do at Stitch is explode stereotypes and show that just because mature adults aren’t in college now doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun!

On that note, we also had a photo booth with silly and funny props, including a Stitch sign made by member Bea from Oakland. We tried to introduce live versions of our website, too. Guests were able to make suggestions for destinations they’d like to visit with a group of Stitchers. Stitch travel expert Sandy was there to help recommend ideas, too! The most popular destination of the evening? Cuba!

Just like on Stitch, members filled out forms for local activities they would like to do with other Stitchers. Suggestions included an Oakland A’s game, a private wine tasting, and dance classes!

The most important part of this event, of course, were the connections made. Several Stitchers who had been communicating on the site decided to “meet” for the first time at the Stitch Launchparty. Others found themselves engrossed in conversations with new people. Fast friends were made among a fun group of women of Stitch ladies!

Here are some comments Stitchers made about the party on Sunday:

Thank you for hosting a great event. Everywhere I looked, people were engaged in conversation and having a good time. It really brought home to me what Stitch is trying to accomplish and this launch will go a long ways to help bring about many opportunities for growth and getting the word out about Stitch.” – Camellia

Great party today! I had such a great time, meeting new men and women with interesting stories and hobbies. Thank you for enabling us to have such a great interaction. The music was great, the photo booth was fun, and the hors d’oevres were delicious. This was a WINNER, Stitch!” – AnnieScott

Special thanks to Stitch team members and helpers John, Alejandra, Ashley, Eric, Michael, and Christina for their hard work for the party! It was such a blast, and we hope to have more in the future.

Check out the slide show below for more photos from the party:

 [rev_slider sflaunch]



Happy Stitching!


  1. Camellia

    Hey Stitch: Thanks for using my comment. Please correct the spelling of my name. It is “Camellia” and is pronounced Ca-me-ya!!


    1. Marcie Rogo

      Dear Camellia, I am so sorry!! I’ll change it immediately, and thanks again for your kind comments. That’s a very beautiful name!


  2. Rita

    Really like what I’m seeing in/on/from Stitch. I’d like to connect with folks in and around the Walnut Creek area….and connect from there for all locations west!

  3. Jennifer

    When is the next party?

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for asking. We don’t have one scheduled yet, but we’ll post it to our members as soon as we do!

  4. Susan

    I was planning on coming to the event but something else got in the way. As I look at the photo, I see very few men. Isn’t Stitch about connecting with others for dating? Where are the men? I don’t need any more girlfriends!!! Find a way to reach out to more single accomplished men for your site to be more user friendly to women. For me, as soon as I RSVP to an event and see an overload of women, I back out. Great for the guys, I guess!

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