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Traveling alone in 2016? Head to Cuba with Stitch members instead!

travel to cuba

Don’t let traveling alone hold you back… Cuba is the perfect destination to travel with others.

Have you decided where will you be traveling to this year? Cuba is a must, and 2016 is the time to go! Are you a single over 50 who is traveling alone and would prefer to go in a group? Wondering how to travel to Cuba from Australia or how to travel to Cuba from the US? You can join Stitch and explore Cuba in May.

There are a few reasons why Cuba should be on your holiday bucket list this year:

  1. The Timing

travel to CubaWith recent regulation changes, US citizens can now visit and enjoy what Cuba has on offer. Going to Cuba is described like stepping into a time capsule to the late 1950s and 1960s, especially now because it’s not too ‘touristy’ yet. Old Havana in particular, with derelict buildings and peeling paint, feels frozen in time following the communist revolution. It’s also on the brink of joining the present as the rise in tourism brings about change, which is why now is a great time to go. With a group of like-minded companions, you can stroll the cobblestone streets, explore quaint buildings, churches and see the American vintage cars.

  1. The History

travel to cubaFrom a North American mafia gambling capital to communism, socialism, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara… Cuba is rich in history. After a visit, you’ll walk away having learnt a thing or two! On our trip to Cuba, you will get insight into the history and life of Ernest Hemingway. See his room at the Ambos Mundos hotel, check out one of his hangouts the Floridita bar, visit his home (now a museum) and see where he kept his boat.


  1.  The Rum, Coffee, and Cigars

travel to cubaA huge drawcard to travel to Cuba is its fine products including the rum, coffee, and cigars. Take a trip to the Rum Museum and learn about Havana Club Rum, founded in 1934. Popular rum cocktails like Mojitos and Daiquiris were created in Cuba so it’s worth trying a few on holiday, not to mention the Arabica coffee. Find out more by visiting the Conde de Villanueva Hotel. It’s the only one with its own cigar roller in Cuba. Here you can find out about the Cuban cigar, from the origins, varieties and the importance of the cigar factory. These things can be enjoyed alone, but are often better appreciated with friends. Sit back and enjoy with the other single travelers on the organized trip with you. 

  1.   The Music and Dancing

While exploring Cuba, you’ll get to see live music and dancing, as it’s embedded in the culture. Cuban music has a range of influences from sounds of African percussion, Spanish guitar, Chinese reed instruments and European folk sounds. The result is an eccentric blend, especially when it’s combined with the dancing! You can join in on the Cuban Salsa dancing or just watch on with your travel companions.

This video by Boogalu Productions of Salsa Dancing in the streets of Havana, Cuba gives a nice taste of what it’s like: 


  1.  The Scenery 

travel to cubaThere’s so much to see in Cuba, so bringing a camera to help soak in the surroundings is a must! From the sights, sounds and people there’s also the animals and plants. Cuba has more species than anywhere else in the Caribbean! If you’re into photography or want to get some great practice, bring your camera along and snap the scenery, people, and you can be sure to impress your friends and family upon your return. If you’d like to be in some photos, other single seniors traveling on our trip will be able to help take a few. You can always share them on Stitch when you’re back.



Why go with Stitch?

Cuba is the perfect travel destination in 2016 and going with Stitch opens up a whole other list of benefits. You can share your new experiences with a group of other single seniors traveling. Save and relax with our custom-tailored travel package.

Stitch travel consultant, Sandy Lipkowitz, is a travel expert who is joining the trip. Because Cuba is a relatively new travel destination, it can be hard to know which travel to cubavendors are acceptable and what’s considered a scam. It’s invaluable to have Sandy there to guide the way.

Going with a group not only means that you’ve got new friends to share in the experience, but it can keep the costs down too. Choose between a very small singles supplement or bunk with another Stitch member. Many in our group are traveling alone and are extremely welcoming. Going with Stitch means that you’re traveling as a part of the Stitch community. That means you’ll get to connect with your fellow travelers before you take off. You can use Stitch to send messages, start a discussion, connect and communicate with all other senior members who are going no matter where in the world they are!

What are the details?

8 days 7 nights, May 13-20, 2016

Rates (leaving from Miami):

  • Land package price per person based on double: $3550 USD
  • Land package price per person based on single: $3700 USD

Read the itinerary by clicking here.

Interested? Fill out this form and we’ll contact you directly:

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  1. Marilyn

    would love to know more about the trip.
    what hotel? how many nights? how many people
    attending.. salsa dancing events…etc.
    itching to go to cuba..

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Marilyn,

      I’ll ask Sandy to contact you directly with more details — expect to hear from her shortly.


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