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Stitch Team Member Jackie Dion on the Bachelor Season 20

jackie bachelor

To our great surprise and excitement, former Stitch team member Jackie Dion is a contestant on The Bachelor on ABC in the United States. Ben Higgins, a contestant on jackie dion the bachelorthe last season of the Bachelorette, is the lucky guy who gets a chance to win Jackie over. Jackie will be one of 28 women who will spend time with Ben, getting to know him and hopefully getting a red rose to stay on the show, and we will be rooting for her every week!

Before the Bachelor describes Jackie as a Gerontologist, but she is so much more than that. Jackie has been passionate about helping older adults her entire life. She dedicated her undergraduate degree to this group, something very rare for an 18-year-old to do! Before her senior year of college, Jackie was introduced to Stitch co-founder Marcie by another Gerontologist, Dr. Katy Fike, founder of Aging 2.0. jackie dion the bachelorJackie worked for Marcie at her first startup, ConnectAround. Marcie was so impressed by Jackie’s passion for this space that she re-hired her as an intern, and ultimately as a full time employee of Stitch the following summer in 2014.

Jackie’s journey on the Bachelor is really fitting  because she dedicated her time at Stitch to helping adults over 50 seek jackie dion the bachelorcompanionship. She was there during the beginning days, helping figure out the safest and easiest ways technology can be used to help mature adults meet companions. For Stitch, that could mean friendship, or romance, or something in between. But on the Bachelor, marriage is the ultimate goal.

Jackie also spearheaded efforts to bring Stitch members together for group activities, something you can not get on a typical dating site. Any verified (yes, we check ID’s!) Stitch member can suggest something they’d like to do, or will be doing, and invite fellow Stitch members to go along. Activities have ranged from comedy nights to dances to large brunches or dinners. You can read more about them here.

Jackie dion the bachelor

Go Jackie! The Stitch Community is rooting for you. If Ben can’t figure out how amazing you are, we’re sure you’ll meet your companion soon.

You can watch clips and episodes here and sign up for Stitch here.



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