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Where do singles over 50 want to travel with Stitch?

Singles Travel over 50

Travel: It’s the one thing all Stitch members want to do, but feel like they don’t have someone to do it with.

Travel for singles over 50

For singles over 50, finding great travel opportunities is not easy. Most trips are geared towards couples and include a large supplement for anyone traveling solo. Many try to travel with friends or family, but often schedules and budgets just don’t line up. That’s why we’ve made it a priority of Stitch to connect our members so that they don’t miss out on their dream destinations. That’s what Stitch is all about: not missing out.

In the Stitch Community, we have an area where solo travelers can connect around all aspects of travel, such as:

  • A destination on their bucket list that they’d like to visit with Stitch members
  • Advice or questions about a certain area of the world
  • A trip they’re already going on and want others to join
  • Trips currently being organized and booked by Stitch travel partners

How do we choose which trips to organize for our members? Easy! They tell us. Thousands of members have posted the places they want to go, and here are a few of the trips now being booked for 2017.

1. Cuba

Travel for Singles Over 50A top bucket list destination, Cuba is a magical island caught in the mid-20th century, but furiously moving forward to catch up with the rest of the world and move into the 21st century.  If you want to see the Cuba of Ernest Hemingway, before it’s changed forever, now is the time. Our trip in May of 2016 was sold out and a huge success.  Because so many more people wanted to go, we are offering it again. We’ll see and ride in the famous beautifully restored vintage cars,  learn how to roll cigars and find out their importance in Cuban history, make Mojitos, dance the night away at the Tropicana, and so much more.

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2. Israel and Petra

Travel for Singles Over 50Israel and the Holy Land are rich in ancient history. Evidence of times past can be seen in archaeology sites all around the country. These sites date back thousands of years. Juxtapose that with life in modern Israel and you have a fascinating experience of ancient times and the most modern and trendy, existing side by side. We will be visiting all the important historic sites as well as taking in modern Israeli culture. A 4-day extension is available to Petra in Jordan, including a jeep tour of Wadi Rum. This is a custom designed tour for Stitch members not found anywhere else.

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3. The Black Hills of South Dakota

Travel for Singles Over 50The land now shadowed by Mount Rushmore was, up until the 1870s, called the “last great unknown.” Enrich your understanding of American growth in this vast wilderness as you immerse yourself in the discovery of Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands National Park and Deadwood. Study the lives of gold seekers and sod busters, and discover the Old West before a handful of presidents made it famous.

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4. Madagascar

Travel for Singles over 50Madagascar, often referred to by ecologists as the eighth continent, is unlike anywhere else on the planet. The wildlife viewing in this exotic landscape is unparalleled, the opportunities for rich cross-cultural experiences in this itinerary unique. The peoples of Madagascar originated in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This incredible synthesis of tradition, religion, and culture created a society striking in its physical beauty and remarkable in its uniformity of traditions. Accompanied by an experienced naturalist guide, there will be encounters with the famous Ringtail Lemurs, the Golden Bamboo Lemurs in Ranomafana, the White Sifaka and Brown Lemurs in Isalo, and listen for the Indri Indri (Babakoto) lemur’s haunting song in Perinet.

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5. Norway & Hurtingruten

travel for singles over 50It’s no secret that National Geographic has listed the Norwegian fjords as one of the world’s top tourist attractions. Best seen by water, Stitch members are going to go on a small cruise that will feature this incredible landscape and of course Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights.  Going by boat, members can best enjoy one of the most stunning and visually impressive coastlines in the world. Then of course there’s the fantastic city of Oslo, worth it’s own adventure as the urban and governmental center of Norway. There’s also Medieval towns like Trondheim, not to be missed!

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If you’re interested in traveling with us on any of these trips, we would love to have you join! Just click “Sign up” and find the trip you want in the “Community” section. You can also email us directly at .

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  1. Kevin

    No.5 Norway & Hurtingruten

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