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Introducing the Stitch Group Travel Program

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Introducing the Stitch Group Travel Program

We are always looking for ways to make being a member of Stitch really special. We recently rolled out our Member Benefits program, which provides member-only discounts on a range or products and services, including discounted travel.

But we’re now able to announce something even more exciting: the Stitch Group Travel Program.

“What?” I hear you ask. “How can anything be more exciting than Stitch already is?”

Great question!

While the Stitch Member Benefits are great, their sole focus is to provide you with savings which benefit YOU. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course — who would complain about saving up to 60% off hotel bookings? — but it doesn’t necessarily help with the main reason you became a member of Stitch: to make new companions.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the Stitch Group Travel Program, which combines:

  • Great savings on group travel, with
  • A great way to meet like-minded Stitch members from all over the world

Sound interesting? Then read on to find out more.


With the help of two of our travel partners, Intrepid Travel and Peregrine Adventures, Stitch has created a travel program designed to create companionship-oriented travel opportunities for all Stitch members, while offering great discounts to those members wish to travel in a group with other Stitchers.

The basic idea is that, by getting a group of 8 or more Stitch members to take part in one of the specially-selected trips, Stitch gets a revenue bonus. And because Stitch is a community built for the benefit of its members, instead of keeping that revenue (which is what most group travel operators do), Stitch passes the bonus back to the Stitch members who go on the trip.

The benefits to Stitch members are threefold:

  • You get to build a custom trip where you can select your own departure dates
  • You get to go on a trip which ONLY includes other Stitch members like you
  • You get a $250 discount on the trip price!

Seems pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

We’re starting with a handful of specially-selected trips from Peregrine and Intrepid. If the program proves successful we’ll be expanding it to include more trips and travel providers, and including a much wider set of potential trip types and destinations.


You can find out all about the Stitch Group Travel Program here. Please take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Dorothy

    Very lonely existence because my husband passed away on 15 July 2016.Miss him a lot though my girls visit whenever they can.I keep my self busy.Its like part of my soul has been ripped off.May take some time to make sense of it all but I have to keep moving on.

    1. Darlene

      I know how it feels. My husband died 13 years ago and I still miss him alot.

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