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Images of Galapagos, Italy and Japan

Galapagos, Italy, and Japan: Stitch Trips now launched!

The wonders of nature in the Galapagos Islands. The canals of Venice to the cobblestones of Rome. And an awe-inspiring gastronomic adventure experiencing the unique culture of Japan with fellow Stitch members. 

With one trip in the Americas, one in Europe, and one in Asia, the first three Stitch trips are now officially launched!

If you’ve been following things on Stitch over the past few weeks, you’ll know that we’ve been very excited about our new initiative to introduce travel to the Stitch Community, with the help of our new travel partener, Club Adventures

We started with the announcement of our history-making very first Stitch Trip, to Japan in October. 

When we announced our Japan trip, we mentioned that we were planning on running 3 trips over the next 12 months, to provide a few options to all our members who might be interested in travel.

So we’re now very pleased to introduce the other two official Stitch Trips: Grand Galapagos Islands in late 2023, and Italy Unparalleled in 2024. 

Read on for details!

Galapagos island images

“Grand Galapagos Islands”

Beginning in late November 2023, this extraordinary ten-day trip to the islands of the Galapagos is an opportunity to witness some of the most unique flora and fauna on the planet.

From spotting sea turtles or the rare Galapagos penguin to gazing in wonder at the spectacular birdlife, or witnessing an active volcano, this trip will show us the best islands, caves and natural wonders of the archipelago, all with fantastic local guides!

The trip is now live on the Club Adventures website, and you can view the itinerary by clicking the button below!

(You can reserve your spot on the Club Adventures trip listing, or by following the instructions at the end of this article.)

Images of Italy

“Italy Unparalleled”

The first Stitch Trip scheduled for Europe is Club Adventures’ “Italy Unparalleled“, taking us us to Rome, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Florence and Venice over 8 days. With a focus on food, wine, and culture just as much as art and history, this trip promises something for everyone!

There are only 12 places available on “Italy Unparalleled”, so you’ll be part of a very select group of Stitch members, building new relationships as you experience the sights of Rome, gourmet fine dining in San Gimignano, visit vineyards, art galleries of Florence, the romance of Venice, and much more.

Reserve your spot on this trip on the Club Adventures website here, or by clicking the button below!

“Flavors of Japan”

We described our amazing Japan trip in our original travel announcement, so if you’re interested in all the details, please head over to the announcement here

This incredible trip makes history as the very first Stitch Trip, so it’s going to be truly memorable. A 12-day journey from October 3 – 14, 2023, “Flavors of Japan” covers everything from temples to tempura, shrines to sashimi, seafood markets to sake breweries, and will be an immersive sensory experience for anyone in discovering what Japan has to offer. 

I have already booked my spot on this trip — it’s the first one ever, after all! — and I’m very much looking forward to making some great new friendships with everyone who joins us. You can check out the trip itinerary in detail by clicking the button below.

Details, details & questions

You’ll find that the ClubAdventures trip listings cover most of the details of each trip, but here are some additional points you should know.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can most certainly bring a friend or partner.

You’ll see on the trip listings that ClubAdventures will take bookings from people who are over 50, even if they’re not yet a member of Stitch. 

As this trip has been set up specifically as a benefit to Stitch members, however, you’ll see that Stitch members get a $250 cheaper price for the trip than non-members. So if you’d like to bring a friend, we’d recommend they sign up to Stitch before you make your booking with ClubAdventures, so they can receive the Stitch-discounted price.

Currency conversion

All prices listed on the ClubAdventures trip listing are in US dollars. For those members paying in another currency, the currency conversion will happen at the time of payment.

Getting there

The trip prices includes all local travel, sightseeing fees, guide fees, taxes, accommodation, and the meals shown in each trip listing. It does not, however, include the cost of return air travel to each destination, so make sure you factor that into your plans. 

The ClubAdventures travel team is able to assist with travel bookings once you have reserved your spot on the trip, or of course you are free to use your own travel agent, or organize your flights yourself. ClubAdventures strongly recommends taking out appropriate travel insurance.

Sharing rooms

If you’re travelling on your own and would like to reduce the trip cost by choosing the twin share option, ClubAdventures will help coordinate matching you with an appropriate room-mate. 

Other upcoming trips

These three Stitch Trips are the only ones we currently have planned, so make sure you reserve your spots soon. (And please remember that your place isn’t secured until you have paid your deposit.) We do of course hope to run more trips in the future, but we’d like to give these first trips a chance to be successful before we plan any more.

If you do have ideas or suggestions for trips you would like to see, however, let us know in the comments!

Guaranteeing your spot

After you register your interest in one of these trips with Club Adventures, they will inform you whether there is space available for the option you’ve selected.

Please note: your place will not be guaranteed until you have paid your deposit.

All deposits are held securely by Stitch, which will hold them on your behalf until payment is due to Club Adventures, as extra protection for our members.

You can change your mind and cancel at any time prior to the due date for a full refund, so there is no downside to locking in your place early if you think you would like to go.

So if you don’t want to miss out on your place, make sure you pay your deposit as soon as you can!

More questions

If you’ve got any other questions that aren’t covered here or in the ClubAdventures trip listing, you can always feel free to as ClubAdventures, either by calling them on the support number listed on the top of the trip listing page, or at [email protected].

I want to come! How do I reserve my place?

Reserving your spot on the trip is easy:

  1. First, hit the “Check availability” button on the ClubAdventures trip listing page for the trip you’re interested in and complete the enquiry form.
  2. If you have questions, be sure to put them in the “Other information” box. You can also call ClubAdventures on +1-844-205-6226, or email them at [email protected]
  3. If space is still available, ClubAdventures will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm details, answer questions, and give you a confirmed quote.
  4. Your quote will be valid for 72 hours and will contain a link to make your tour deposit of $400. If a deposit is not received within 72 hours, space held will be released.
  5. You pay your deposit. Note that your deposit will be paid to Stitch, and held on your behalf until the trip is confirmed. You can change your mind for a full refund at any point until the trip confirmation date.
  6. ClubAdventures will notify you that you are confirmed on the trip!

It’s that simple! If you’re interested in being part of this amazing adventure, make sure you get in early, as we suspect the trips will fill up very quickly.

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      1. Asuncion Bassas de Pedro

        Andrew I can’t join you tomorrow but I would like to know if there is a possibility to host a kind of ( instead I would love to do that if you agree and teach me how to do it . On the 19th of May I am going to Norway but on the 2nd of November I am travelling all over Australia with a bunch of British tourist that would be a great occasion to start. What do you think? Asuncion

        1. Andrew Dowling

          Hi Asuncion,

          It’s certainly possible, you could just post it as a virtual event to Stitch using Zoom, and then people would attend just the same way they do with regular virtual events on Stitch. If you’d like some guidance on how to set up a virtual event, just reach out to Stitch support and they will be happy to help. Enjoy your trip!


  1. Hi Andrew
    I am planning to go on the Mediterranean cruise with NCL Viva in October 2024 start in Venice. I only put a deposit of $149.

    In my experience with my NCL prima cruise in august 2023 to norway n Icelands which i booked last year actually the cost is getting cheaper now after tracking the price twice.

    If you like to put out these cruises in the future
    It would be nice to be with more Stitch members on board the ship.


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