Community Guidelines

Stitch is an inclusive community, one where everyone should always feel respected, safe and supported. To make sure that happens, every member has a role to play.

The following information outlines the expectations that we hold for Stitch members. We take these values, rules and guidelines very seriously and require that our members do too. Take a read through to learn about how our community works.

These apply to all Stitch related communications; from posting on community forums, individual profiles, comments on blogs/travel/events/activities, posts to our social media pages and in messages to other members.

Our Core Value:

  • Respect
    Follow the Golden Rule and always treat other members the same way as you’d like to be treated. The Stitch community is a supportive, inclusive environment, where all of our members feel welcome.

Online Community Rules:

There are behaviours that Stitch will not tolerate. These will result in a post being moved, removed, and in extreme cases, can lead to a membership being cancelled.

These are not actions that we take lightly, however as we aim to create and maintain an online experience consistent with Stitch values, we reserve the right to make decisions which we feel support that.

What Stitch will not tolerate:

  • Offensive behaviour or hate speech
    This includes anything that we find to include any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, any other form of hate-speech, or contributions that could be interpreted as such.
  • Sexual harassment
    We will remove any posts or profile content that can be interpreted as sexual harassment towards an individual or group of people. This includes derogatory statements, unwanted comments (positive or negative) of a sexual nature, or solicitation of other members. In addition, conduct does not have to be sexual in nature to constitute harassment. It can also include demeaning a person because of that person’s gender or that person’s sexual activity.
  • Demeaning behaviour 
    Any behaviour deemed to be demeaning, or includes profanity, abusive or discriminatory content.
  • Copyright breaches
    We will remove potentially libellous or defamatory postings or material posted in potential breach of copyright.
  • Personal information
    We do not recommend any personal details, including information like email addresses, individual names and phone numbers, to be posted on public areas of the website. If you are looking to reach out to another member, do so in a closed and private area on As a Full Member, you have the ability to send private messages to other members.
  • Repetitive posts
    Any posts that are excessively repetitive or disruptive to the community and any content deemed as spam.

Online Community Guidelines:

To help our members get the best out of our online community here’s some helpful tips to keep in mind when posting. Always imagine when you are engaged in the online Stitch community that you are in a real conversation, in a real room, with real people. The guidelines below follow similar principles as if you were in any other real environment.

  • Stay on topic
    We know that some conversations can be wide-ranging, but if you post something which is unrelated to the original topic (“off-topic”) then it may be removed – or moved to a new thread. We do this to help the conversation stay on track. Before starting a new discussion, take a look to see if another member has already created one covering the same topic or subject to avoid repeating the same conversations in multiple forums.
  • Don’t take offence where none is intended
    Online communication is missing all the non-verbal cues we use to interpret meaning when talking to someone in real life. As a result, it can be far too easy to misinterpret another comment as deliberately offensive, when that was not the author’s intent. Before taking offence at a comment, pause to think whether there could have been any other intention behind it. If so, let it go. And even if not, don’t air your grievances publicly — that’s how conflicts escalate. Send the member a private message, and sort out your grievances in private, like adults. You are far more likely to have a successful resolution if you approach someone privately than if you escalate a conflict in public.
  • Don’t air dirty laundry
    Stitch contains many channels for communication with other members: one-on-one conversations, events and activities, the online forums, and more. Human nature being as diverse as it is, you won’t always get along with every single other member of the community. That’s generally fine; we’re all mature enough to know that not everyone is destined to be our friend. What’s not fine, however, is raising past disputes and arguments with another member in a public discussion. If a member said something you didn’t like to your privately, or in a separate discussion topic, it is not OK to then raise that in a totally separate public discussion. If you’re upset with something that somebody else has done, you need to report their behavior when it happens, or else let it go; bringing it up in forums across the community only makes things less pleasant for everyone, including you.
  • Be pleasant
    Demonstrate and share the intelligence, wisdom and humour we know you possess. Take some responsibility for the quality of the conversations in which you’re participating. Help make this a comfortable place for discussion and it will be.
  • Remain clear and concise
    Things like sarcasm and humour have a tendency to get misunderstood when in written form. To avoid confusion, write clearly and expect that people may interpret your contribution differently to what was intended. One of the best ways to test your messages for clarity is to read them out loud before you send them.
  • Read through the conversation
    Be mindful of the other users in the conversation and take a minute to read through recent posts to make sure that you’re not reposting a recent comment, which might have already been discussed. Just as you wouldn’t interrupt a conversation in real life without checking what the discussion is about, the same rule applies here. This also applies to posts or comments about moderation, which should not be posted as comments and will be removed.
  • Check spelling and grammar
    Be cautious of spelling and grammar. You can always draft a post in a program like Microsoft Word to help pick up on any spelling or typing errors. Keep in mind when you see something that you think is incorrect, it might be because that Stitch member is located somewhere where the English may be a little different to the rules that you apply.
    NOTE: Using only capital letters LIKE THIS CAN COME ACROSS AS YELLING and can be insulting to others.
  • Be mindful
    Stitch members come from all across the world with varied levels of English. We ask that posts are read for their meaning and not nit picked, it is always the overall meaning in the post that’s most important.

A final thought…

This is your community. It’s a place where you can share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas with members from across the world. To make it work, it needs members like you. Getting involved is part of the experience and, when done with respect, can be a great way to make friends, share stories and make your experience on Stitch richer.

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