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Connecting with other members as part of a community is what really makes Stitch unique. Learn more about us and why our community is so important!

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Our Stitchers love to get together in groups. Whether it’s a new movie, exhibit, or just dinner, we make it easy to meet other Stitchers in a group setting.

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Stitch helps its members find and make new friends and companions who are enriching their lives through shared interests and activities.

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About Stitch

Here is a short intro to Stitch from Community Founder Andrew Dowling.


Safety is everything

No other community does more for the safety of its members than Stitch. Before communicating on Stitch, all our members must perform a verification check, which prevents scammers and con-artists from abusing our site or contacting our members. This also ensures that all our members are ages 50 and up, keeping the Stitch community peer-to-peer and safe.

Stitch uses 256-bit data encryption with the highest level SSL Certificate available, keeping all your Stitch information totally secure.

Please read our Definitive Guide to Staying Safe Online!

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In person & virtual

If you live in a remote area or a small community, or face challenges that make it difficult for you to attend activities in person, Stitch can still help you form social connections.

Stitch has helped thousands of members build vibrant social lives, even if they can’t attend events or activities in person. Check out some of their stories here!

Stitch includes virtual events, group chat, and online discussions to help members all over the world build new relationships.

We’d love you to join us.

Available anywhere you are

Stitch is designed to work on all devices, no matter how big or how small. You can expect the same simple, safe and easy-to-use experience whether you’ve got an iPhoneiPadAndroid phone or are using Stitch on a Mac or a PC. 

Connect with other members anytime, anywhere.

Join the world’s community for mature adults and get in touch.

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Feel the love!

Kimberly S

Seattle, Washington

Being part of the Stitch “family” has been just a fantastic and wonderful experience. Just over a year ago I realised I had to make an effort to join something, somewhere, somehow. The members I’ve come to know will be part of my life for a long time. Stitch has been such a positive experience and has brought me back to life. I want to thank everyone at Stitch for giving me something to look forward to again.

James L

Flint, Michigan

How on earth did you attract such amazing people to Stitch? I am so amazed … such a far cry from the simplistic and quick conversations everywhere else. I really am blown away. Keep on doing what you are doing, Stitch is so unique.

Mary T

Boca Raton, Florida

Stitch is a really amazing way to meet people, with the screening you do, I didn’t feel vulnerable to scammers. I honestly signed up to Stitch to look at group outings, holidays & discussion forums. Curiosity made me check out a couple of profiles, I only clicked interested on a couple, I had a brief chat with one gentleman, and he & I had a couple of chats, long phone call, and met face to face. We've been very happy since.

Vicki L

Sydney, Australia

Thanks for Stitch. It is a great place to meet real people. There is no other place that I have found to make these kinds of connections on a daily basis and I look forward to our sharing time. You have helped make the world a village for so many of us and I thank you for that.

Marion W

Baltimore, MD

Stitch opened that door for me to allow me to step outside of my little bubble of a world and be creative and less a hermit of habit. I really don’t like being so alone, Stitch allows me to meet not just men, but people of all walks of life. Some widows like me, some wild and “out there”, and some just needing to know that everything is going to be alright.

Deborah M

Palo Alto, California

I really don’t know what I would do without Stitch in my life right now. I was on a downward spiral of depression. Then I took a chance and decided to check this thing called Stitch out never knowing what a blessing it was going to be in my life. I have a few tears running down my cheeks as I type this out. But really, I just can’t thank you enough!! I feel alive again.

There's more fun to be had after 50.

The Stitch Credo

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Stitch now has members in most cities around the world and a Limited Stitch membership is free, so there is no reason not to sign up, get connected to other members with similar interests, and enjoy being part of the community as it grows in your area!

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