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Make Friends By Growing A Garden

Gardening is a creative activity that opens countless possibilities. From fresh new herbs to the latest seasonal vegetables, there is always a way to liven up your garden.

But you may not be so familiar with the idea that gardening with others can generate lasting companionships. We’re not saying it’s wrong to garden alone – of course, for some, keeping track of one’s own creations is a peaceful time for reflection and relaxation. We are saying that joint gardening can bloom lifelong friendships. Here are some pointers on how to grow both plants and companions all in one:

Planting Friendships

gardening companionshipWhether you’re hoping to start a garden for the first time or you’re seeking some new variety in your existing garden, consider finding a buddy to help join forces. Together, you can plan the structure by designing where any vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers should be planted for optimal growth. If you’re looking to get extra fancy, you can strategize a theme for your garden – cultural, religious, organic, tropical, you name it. Research the types of plants and designs for your theme and get started!

Needless to say, gardening is an art: in order to ensure your plants grow properly, you should learn the right techniques and specific facts about each plant. This can be made a lot more enjoyable (and easier) with a partner by your side. Then when you go shopping for new products for your garden, you can have an extra set of eyes to help pick out the best ones.

With a gardening companion, you have the ability to share your responsibilities and ease the everyday burdens of horticulture. No more checking on your plants every day or asking unwilling neighbors to keep an eye on your plants when you’re out of town. You and your companion can switch off duties in the garden while sharing the joys of watching your plants grow together. Less stress, more fun… Can’t get much better than that!


Growing Meals

Gardening Companionship older adultsGardening companionship extends far beyond the joint pleasure of seeing your plants grow overtime. In fact, gardens can stimulate numerous other activities that generate lasting friendships.

For instance, you and a gardening companion can create a meal together with ingredients from your garden. This is always a fun and exciting way to taste your products and feel a sense of accomplishment together.

Share the fun by inviting some friends and neighbors over to enjoy the outcome of your hard work. You can even set up a table and chairs in your garden for the meal. Your guests will be blown away by the beauty and creativity of your natural garden as well as the deliciousness of your products. Besides, using your own, grown ingredients in the meal is surely the perfect conversation-starter!


Blooming a Community

If you’re looking to get involved with a group of gardening companions, check into local community gardening opportunities. In community gardening, individuals collectively harvest a plot of land with others in their area. This is a great way to meet new people while also making an impact on the community and staying connected to the environment.

older adult gardening companionship

If your area does not have formal collective gardening opportunities, try finding a group of companions to build a garden together. The more, the merrier!

The American Community Gardening Association offers 10 steps for how to start your own community garden, like organizing a planning committee and choosing the right plot of land. Read more here.

When all’s said and done, gardening can induce multiple opportunities for companionships to flourish. After all, plants are a lot like friendships… plant them and watch them grow!

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