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Fall leaves

The 2018 Stitch Global Get-Together: Seeing the Falling Leaves!

If you’re not yet a Stitch member, you won’t know about the exciting plans for our historic 2018 Global Get-together, this time in Saratoga Springs, New York, from October 5th to 8th.

Inspired by the success of Stitch’s inaugural gathering in 2017 in Monterey, California, this year’s event is once again being organized by Stitch members, and this time gives everyone a chance to do something really special: see the Falling Leaves in upstate New York, Vermont and New England.

It’s certainly something that has been on my own bucket list for a very long time, so you can bet that I’m looking forward to it!

A little background

Stitch is a community built by its members, for its members.

And there is no better example of Stitch’s community spirit than last year’s 2017 Global Get-Together in Monterey.

Asilomar photos

The event began just like any other Stitch community event: members deciding to get together to do something enjoyable.

What made this one different was that it came from members who lived in different cities, who had connected on Stitch and wanted a way to get together in person.

What started as a get-together for a handful of Stitch members, however, soon snowballed into a huge event, which saw over 60 members from across the community attending for a fantastic weekend of activities, sightseeing and socializing.

This included members from Australia, Japan, and 20 US states!

Organization of the event was done by volunteer Stitch members, some of whom lived in the local Monterey area but most came from much further away and were just excited about helping make the event a success. And what a success it was! Some of the activities included:

  • Walks in the incredible California State Forest & Point Lobos
  • Carmel-by-the-sea and Big Sur
  • Carmel Valley Wine tasting
  • Gala Dinner and Party
  • …and much more!

For those of us who attended, it was an opportunity to create lifelong friendships and connections. Here are some of the pictures:

Wine tasting
Wine tasting
Men Dancing
Men Dancing
World's biggest group hug
World’s biggest group hug

For all the fun, however, the best story from the event came around 12 months later, when we learned the news that two of the attendees, Patrick and Marie, had tied the knot. When they first met, Marie was living in a tiny community in Alaska and Patrick lived over 2,000 miles away in California.

Neither Patrick nor Marie came expecting to find a life-long partner, they just wanted to meet other members of the community and have a great time … but we’re so happy they found each other!

Marie and Patrick
Marie and Patrick

This Year’s Event

This year’s event promises to be just as groundbreaking, and will be an opportunity for so many of our Stitch members on the US East Coast (plus hopefully some UK members this time!) to attend an event that’s closer to home.

The spectacular foliage at this time of year promises to be amazing, and the organizing team is preparing a whole host of activities including tours to visit the sights of the Adirondacks and Vermont, social events, foliage cruises and tours, and more!

The event is being hosted at the graceful and elegant Saratoga Springs Casino Hotel, and numbers are limited so you need to get in quickly!

Saratoga Hotel
Saratoga Springs Casino Hotel


Can I extend my trip and incorporate other destinations?


At last year’s event, attendees coming from far away managed to incorporate the Stitch weekend into larger trips. Some spent time in Southern California; some got together for a Northern California Redwoods tour; one member from Sydney continued onwards to Chicago to meet other Stitch members!

If you are coming from a long way away, it’s only natural to want to make the most of your trip.

This year we expect people to do something similar, and incorporate visits to places like New York City or Boston into their itineraries, depending on how far they will be travelling. Last year we found that the attendees made such great connections at the event that they often changed their travel plans so they could spend a bit more time together afterwards.

Once the attendee list is locked in, we’ll be showing everyone how to connect with each other ahead of time to help plan any additional travel or logistics.

OK, I want to come … What Should I Do Next?

If you’re already a Stitch member, you just need to reserve your place by clicking the “Attend” button on the event in Stitch here.

The event description includes instructions on how to reserve your accommodation at the hotel, as well as other trip considerations.

If you’re not a Stitch member yet, the good news is that you can come to the event even if you don’t have a paid Stitch membership. You just need to sign up at the Stitch web site and register for the event.

Just click the button below to see the event details and get started:
[button href=”” align=”center”]View event details on Stitch[/button]
I hope to see you there!

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