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Thank you for an incredible 2019

With 2019 now well and truly in the rearview mirror, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on what was accomplished last year, and to give thanks to all our members who positively contributed to the ongoing growth and success of the Stitch Community.

How’s this for amazing?

2019 year was by far the biggest year for Stitch to date, with more than double the number of events and activities of 2018. Last year saw:

The creation of 166 new Stitch Groups

… an incredible 2,965 events & activities

… in over 586 locations around the world …

… all of which led to an incredible 92,542 new social connections being created!

How’s that for amazing?

Stitch events and activities were held in a growing number of cities around the world, including Sydney, Sacramento, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne, New York City, Phoenix, Chicago, and Brisbane, to name just a few.

To celebrate the amazing year, we put together a short video with some of the highlights from 2019. Check it out below:

It’s all thanks to our Members

The most incredible thing about last year is that everything that happened was because of Stitch members around the world who believe in the Stitch Community and contribute to making it great.

So to all Stitch members, both new and long-standing, thank you.

Thank you for all your positive contributions to the community, whether they were large or small.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to implement new features that we hope helps improve the community for everyone.

Thank you for your support and encouragement in 2019 as we saw the community expand to two new cities, Phoenix and Chicago.

And thank you for your feedback, both positive and negative, as it’s only through constructive criticism that we know what we need to improve about Stitch to make it great for everyone.

Finally, a special note of thanks to our Community Champions around the world who do so much to make life richer for everyone else in their communities.

Your dedication, enthusiasm and willingness to organize and host events, set up groups and inspire other members to participate in the online forums is awe-inspiring.

Not only that, you take it upon yourselves to find interesting and innovative ways to spread the word about Stitch, and we thank you for that.

You may not always realize it, but every contribution you make enriches the lives of other members of your community, and makes life better for everyone. You are, quite literally, amazing.

Thank you.

Now we just need to get on with the job of making 2020 even better!

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