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At Stitch, We Love What We Do

Why do you guys always seem so happy?

Stitch’s local barista.

That’s right, we LOVE our work. We’re extremely proud of the fact that we’ve created a company where work is not only interesting, challenging and fun, but also meaningful and very rewarding, on many different levels.

So we want you to love your work too.

Whether you’re applying for one of the jobs we’ve posted, or are just enquiring about getting involved in the Stitch journey, you need to be passionate about what you do. About making a positive difference to the world. About leaving your mark.

Our culture

At Stitch we’re very focused on our team and our culture. This means that when we do hire, we put a ridiculous amount of effort into making sure that the candidates we choose are a great fit for the company and are going to love working here. So we thought we’d take the unusual step (at least for a company our size) to write a little bit about the Stitch culture to help you figure out if it sounds like the place for you.

As dorky-corporatey as it sounds, we find it’s useful to make our ‘values’ public so we can attract the right people, and so that everyone involved in Stitch – our team, our customers and our partners – knows what we stand for so they can hold us accountable.

So here is something we give to all new employees when they start:

Who we are

We are Stitch, a small start-up with the grand vision of bringing meaningful social connections to older adults throughout the world.


  • Value People over Things
  • Value Teamwork over Egos
  • Value Respect above all things. Respect for:
    • Each other
    • Our customers
    • Our work
    • Our environment


  • Don’t tolerate jerks
  • Only succeed when we all succeed
  • Truly love our customers
  • Are adaptive to change
  • Rejoice in our successes
  • Love what we do and have fun doing it
  • Know that by working together we will be extraordinary

Still interested?

If this sounds like your kind of place, then check out our jobs board for open positions. If you think you’re an amazing fit for a job that isn’t listed yet, send an email to  with the subject line "Stitch needs to hire me" and tell us what you want to accomplish, why you're a perfect fit, and why we should pick you over everyone else.


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