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About Stitch

Stitch is the the first online service to recognize that getting older doesn’t mean you don’t need a vibrant and enriching social life. That once you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s your social needs are fundamentally different from what they were when you were in your 20s and 30s. That what online dating provides today falls very short of what older adults are looking for.

Stitch helps adults over 50 find companionship online, and can be used by anyone via a web browser, tablet or smart phone. It incorporates a range of features to help ensure that all our members are who they say they are, and can communicate with each other safely and securely.

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March 11th, 2014
July 29th, 2014
Sydney, Australia
Andrew Dowling
Andrew Dowling, Jay Teborek, Jane Thompson




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The Stitch Story

Stitch is a community which helps anyone over 50 find the companionship they need.

Our grand vision is to help improve the lives of older adults in every country around the world and provide an answer to the social isolation and loneliness that everyone ultimately faces at some point in their lives, whether they’re seeking friendship, romance, or anything in between.

What makes Stitch completely unique is that it’s a community, one that’s been built by members, for members.

That means everything at Stitch is a result of the efforts of Stitch members, whether that’s local activities and events designed to bring people together, online discussions with other members around the world, group travel events, helping with member verification, even volunteering their time to help grow the community. Our members know what it’s like to need companionship, and ultimately everyone has a role to play in making life better for each other.

You can read about the people being Stitch here.

Did you Know?

  • Number of seniors who say they often or always feel lonely : 1 in 10.
  • Mature adults who are lonely are 64% more likely to develop dementia than their peers.
  • Reduction in depression amongst elderly who stay connected using the Internet: 20%.
  • Fastest-growing age segment in the world : 70+.
  • Interested in hearing more? Let us know.

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