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How Stitch Members Help Grow the Community

Stitch members are awesome

You knew that already, didn’t you? But if you needed further proof, you’d need to look no further than at some of the things our members have been doing recently to help grow the community in their areas.

Flyers, flyers & more flyers

Grow the community - June New members

Our recent June New Members event in Sydney was one of the largest Stitch events so far, with close to 100 new and existing members turning up for a fantastic get-together at Sydney’s Cruise Bar. Check out some of the photos from the event above!

What was even better than the event itself, however, was how enthusiastically everyone greeted the idea of growing the community by handing out and posting flyers in their local communities.

We brought along about 500 printed flyers about Stitch to the event, in response to the requests we had been receiving for them from our members. We were totally unprepared, however, for how quickly they were snapped up. Within a few minutes the entire set of flyers had been nabbed by enthusiastic Stitch members who wanted to put their hands on some to grow the community!

Some members only wanted one or two, in order to post them in their workplaces, local libraries or community centers. But some members took hundreds, and have since handed them out in letterbox drops in their local suburbs.

What commitment!

The great news is that this has all resulted in a clear increase in memberships in the Sydney area, meaning that all the members of the Sydney Stitch community are benefiting by helping grow the community near them.

Based on this fantastic response, we’re in the process of making it easy for all members of Stitch to get hold of promotional flyers to spread the word about Stitch in their areas. From this Wednesday onwards, just click on the Invitations page inside Stitch to see all the different ways you can help grow the community in your area, including flyers!

The Incredible Monterey Story

If you thought handing out hundreds of flyers demonstrated commitment, how about this one?

Our membership in the Monterey, CA area is still quite small and only just starting to get itself established. A couple of weeks ago one of our very first members in the area decided she wanted to do something to help the community grow, so took the direct route: she posted a classified advertisement in her local newspaper, the Monterey County Weekly!

The image at the top of this article shows the ad she published, which can also be found here.

We think this shows incredible initiative, not to mention an awe-inspiring dedication to helping create a positive local community. We know we can’t expect many of our members to do something like this, but the fact that one member did says a lot about the sort of community we are.

And just imagine if everyone on Stitch DID take out ads like this — our community would be huge in no time!

Sharing on Social Media

Finally, it’s been tremendously rewarding to see the number of Stitch members sharing news about Stitch on social media. The Invitations page inside Stitch now makes it really easy to invite friends to Stitch, or simply just promote awareness about Stitch on social media.

Best of all, now that each and every Stitch member has their very own invitation code, it means anyone they invite will receive a discount on Stitch membership.

What better way to share the love than that?

If you’re already a Stitch member and haven’t used the Invitations page yet, why don’t you give it a try? Just open the Invitations page, click on one of the links, and invite people you know. They’ll get rewards and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping them out!

Got ideas about other ways to grow the community?

If you do, post them in the comments below!

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