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Photo of Richard, the background is fireworks.

Celebrating a record-breaking event: An interview with Stitch Community Champion Richard from Sydney

Stitch continues to reach exciting new milestones daily, yet some of these milestones stand out from the rest. One of the most significant aspects of the Stitch community is that all events and activities seen on Stitch are member-driven. For every event you see on Stitch, a fellow member has taken the time to conceptualize, create, organize and publish an activity for all of you to enjoy.

When such an event breaks attendance records, it’s a significant achievement. These events push the concept forward (often in unexpected ways) and inspire others to follow their lead.

That’s why we thought it was time to shine the spotlight on Stitch Community Champion Richard F from Sydney.

Richard runs the “Young♥️@Hearters” group on Stitch, and at the end of 2022, his Young♥️@Hearters Chrissy Disco Party led to a world-record attendance for a Stitch member event (so far) of 137 members!  

The appeal of this event was far-reaching, with members coming together from all corners of Sydney. In fact, on the night, over 90 suburbs were represented. Some travelled more than 100km (60 miles) to be there!

We thought it would be insightful and inspiring to hear from Richard about the event, particularly about what motivated him, how he felt the night went, and his advice for other members considering hosting events. 

Excited partygoers clapping along and enjoying themselves.

The Dance Revolution Band turns up the heat, and the crowd turns up the volume!

Stitch: Firstly, how did the night go?

Richard: Extremely well, 137 partying stitchers all having an absolute disco ball!! Naturally, we all had to have a few aperitifs beforehand in the bar, which was just as much fun as the actual band.

How did you come up with the idea?

I knew that I wanted a very special Christmas party for my group. On an earlier harbour cruise, I’d worked with the fantastic ‘Disco Revolution Band’ before, so they were an easy choice. As I’d hosted several events at Club York, I knew it was just the right size and centrally located in Sydney’s CBD. It all gelled beautifully.

Partygoers cheering on the band.

The beats were flowing freely and the crowd was in raptures

As a host, how much work and effort went into it?

An enormous amount of work! That’s from working with the band and the venue. Then, a lot of promotion on Stitch, ensuring individuals bought their tickets, and encouraging members to, not only party with us, but also to get fantastically “Dressed-To-The-Nines” in their Chrissy Disco gear. And that’s just the tip of the preverbal iceberg. 

How did the Stitch platform help in making this event a success?

Superbly, I’ve been hosting events in Stitch for four years and have seen the site constantly improve as the membership has grown. I’ve always got suggestions for the site’s improvement, of course. But I appreciate all the hard work Andrew and the team at Stitch do for us.

Partygoers smiling and having a great time

Stitchers stitching up a storm and partying like there’s no tomorrow!

What motivates you to host these events?

I’m a Stitch-A-Holic, and I’m extremely passionate about Andrew’s Stitch vision. I love bringing joy, happiness, friendship and great times to my Sydney Young♥️@Hearters group.

Did you get some personal satisfaction out of hosting this event?

Enormous satisfaction seeing and hearing people have a great time. The whole experience made me so very happy, despite the odd frustration.

What was the feedback you received?

The compliments were overwhelming, both public and in person. However, I’m keen that people know any compliment I get at any time goes straight to my heart, never my head.

Santa Claus makes an appearance, waving at the crowd

Santa Claus came to town, and he made a grand entrance!

What advice would you have for anyone considering hosting an event like this?

Be utterly organised. So often, the actual event is just the tip of the preverbal iceberg I mentioned earlier. There can be a lot of work to these big events, whilst others may require little work organizing. But, you’ll still rightly receive satisfaction.

What do you have planned next?

Well, since the Chrissy party, I’ve already hosted a wonderful Salsa New Year’s Eve, a Boxing Day Evening Harbour Party Cruise for over 50 members, and my Annual Scrummylicious Multicultural Picnic’ for over 70 members. I’m already working on my Christmas Party for 2023, with a few surprises earlier in the year!!

Four smaller photos showing both singers and partygoers dressed up and having a good time.

These stitchers aren’t letting age slow them down, partying hard into the night!

Congratulations again, Richard!

All photos in this article are courtesy of Studione.Media, the official photographer for the event.

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