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It’s never too late: Learn new talents with Stitch

As we age, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our learning days are behind us. After all, if you read all the articles in the news about the state of education today, you could be forgiven for thinking learning is just for young people. Learning for older adults is hardly ever discussed.

But we think it should be! 

Research shows that learning at an older age is not only beneficial, but it can also be essential to maintaining good physical and mental health. Learning new skills keeps our minds sharp, helps us stay connected to the world around us, and can even reduce the risk of cognitive decline. 

One of the unique features of Stitch is that it’s a community full of people from all walks of life, with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience to share. 

It’s no surprise, then, that Stitch community members regularly connect (either virtually or in person) to learn new skills or explore new interests. All while having the opportunity to share their knowledge with others, creating a supportive environment where members can connect and learn from each other.

We are constantly impressed by the Stitch members who share their passion for lifelong learning for older adults, connect with others with shared interests, and — most importantly — have fun together!

What sorts of things can I learn?

New workshops, classes, or lessons are published frequently. Remember, Stitch is member-driven, so all activities are created by members, for members. Older learners have a number of options to choose from. Below are some recent examples we’ve seen from members in various different categories on Stitch.


Assortment of Stitch activity cards. Activities such as "Art Makers - SoulCollage Workshop', 'Creative Writers Workshop', 'Creative Art Expression Workshop', 'Learning Calligraphy'.

Learning art as an older adult can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It offers a chance to express oneself creatively and explore new ways of thinking and perceiving the world. Art can also serve as a form of therapy and stress relief.


Assortment of Stitch Activity cards showing activities such as 'Bonsai Beginners Classes', 'Cocktail Mastercloas', 'Dance Class for Beginners', Among  Us Training for all new players'. Learning for older adults

Learning new hobbies can be a great way to stay engaged, active, and mentally sharp. Hobbies can offer a sense of purpose and accomplishment while providing opportunities to socialize and meet new people.

Personal improvement

Assortment of Stitch activity cards such as 'Stoic Philosophy - becoming your best self', Learning at an older age.

Whether through exercise, meditation, or exploring new philosophies, there is no time limit on looking at ways to improve yourself. Instilling a sense of personal growth and development can help you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life.

Can I share my expertise?


Sharing your expertise can have numerous benefits for yourself and others. One of the primary benefits is the opportunity to help others by sharing your knowledge and experience. By offering guidance and advice, you can help others overcome challenges and achieve their goals, which can be deeply rewarding. As a bonus, sharing your expertise can help you solidify your own understanding of a particular subject or skill. It’ll also provide a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and opportunities to learn from others and discover new perspectives.

If you’d like to find out what activities are available for you on Stitch, why not register for a free account today?

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  1. What do you mean by “”being responsive”” in the Stitch world.

    Does it mean responding with answer when someone asks you something.
    Or does it mean accepting invitations to Stitch events ?

    1. Hi Ian,

      Good question, sorry if that wasn’t clear. It means replying when someone sends you a message for the very first time. It needs to be a private message sent only to you, so doesn’t include responding to events that get posted to Stitch, just one-on-one connections.

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