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Standing out at Stitch events

Standing out at Stitch events

Finding your fellow Stitchers at an event can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re meeting other members for the very first time and don’t know what they look like.

So we decided to ask some of our community members what they do to stand out when at Stitch Events. Let’s take a look at some of the ingenious solutions our Stitchers have come up with!

Mary: Los Angeles, USA

Mary, one of our Community Champions in Los Angeles, came up with the idea of wearing a red hat at her events, telling her event attendees to “Look for the gal in the red hat!”. She will often take off the hat after all the attendees have arrived, so the main purpose is to help her stand out in a crowd as much as possible. Check out some of Mary’s hats below:

The black and red fascinator above was actually created for a recent Los Angeles event where all members wore hats, and is a pretty impressive example of how creative you can be when you put your thinking cap on. Hats like these are guaranteed to help people find you!

Charles: Melbourne, Australia

At the recent Stitch Quarterly Get-Together in Melbourne, community member Charles arrived with two red caps that a friend of his had created, embroidered with the word “Stitch” on top.

He had been inspired to do so after hearing about a Melbourne event where the attendees had struggled to find each other. In a great show of community spirit, Charles wanted to do what he could to help give event organizers a way to be easily found at events they organize.

Charles donated these caps to the Melbourne community, where they are currently being shared amongst our local Community Champions. You can see Gisela and Virginia wearing the caps in the picture below!

Share your ideas and creations

We’d love to know what you’ve done in the past to make yourself recognizable and easily found and at a Stitch event. Have you made banners? Worn a brightly coloured hat or T-shirt? Tell us!

We’ll share your ideas on this blog post with future updates so that other Stitch members can be inspired by your ideas!

What we’re doing to help

We’re constantly amazed by the ingenuity and creativity shown by Stitch members to help make the community work, and love celebrating the sorts of ideas you all come up with. But we also recognize that it would be nice if Stitch could help provide you with a few options to make this easier.

In the past we trialled partnering with a vendor called Zazzle to allow our members to access a range of Stitch-branded merchandise, including caps, tote bags, and drink bottles. Zazzle was one of the few vendors which would allow us to ship individual items on demand to members around the world.

Unfortunately the Zazzle merchandise was relatively expensive, and the quality wasn’t all that great.

We’re now investigating a number of different vendor options to allow us to make Stitch hats and other merchandise available to our members. As always, the challenge is finding vendors which can create and ship individual items to our members all around the world, but we’re getting closer to locking down a couple of options. Stay tuned for an announcement soon!

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