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Guest Post: What a day, what a scrummylicious day!

Guest Post: What a day, what a scrummylicious day!

Sydney based Community Champion Richard wrote the following post about his experience as the organizer of the 🥗 Inaugural Sydney Stitchers Multicultural Yummalicious ‘Share Plate’ Picnic 🍾, a highly successful and fun Stitch event held on March 24th 2019.


The greatest joy of Stitch is meeting new friends and then sharing wonderful times together. Very early on in my membership I began to realise that so many people I was meeting were either originally from different countries around the world, like myself, or who’s heritage was equally diverse, in other words a true reflection of our wonderful multicultural Australia.

Music is obviously something which brings people together, but also indeed food – preparing for people we care about and enjoying it with them. So I had a light 💡 bulb moment. If food always bring people together, let’s make a day of it. Throw in a huge dollop of the world’s cuisines, a grind of a beautiful Sydney park, a twist of silly retro games, and a good squeeze of music … AND VOILÀ! The Inaugural Sydney Stitchers Multicultural Yummalicious ‘Share Plate’ Picnic was born!

And what a fabulous day it was. Stitchers really got behind the concept of cooking fabulous dishes from their home countries and proudly sharing them with us lucky people. It was such a lovely day for us to share with friends and with not a little Champagne to ease the way for ‘The Frivolity Games’. We had Three Legged Races, Egg and Spoon Races, Tunnel Ball, and Raw Egg Catching to name a few – sadly I had to draw the line at American Grid Iron and Nude Leap Frog!

For this inaugural event we hosted it at Parramatta Park, Australia’s oldest park. Next year’s event will be in a different park as we’ll move it around Sydney each year. I hope even more Stitchers and especially Champions will join us for an even bigger and better multicultural day next year and in years to come.

In the meantime, an enormous thank you to ‘The Frivolity Crew’ Juliet, Olivia, Maria and Teresita for all their wonderful help running the games and the day’s admin etc. To Juliet, our generous soul, for donating the prizes. And a huge thank you and big hug to all of the Stitchers who truly got behind the Multicultural Cuisine concept and made the day so much fun and yummaliciously memorable!

See you all at next year’s great event!

Cheers my dears,
Richard, Community Champion

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P.S. If you’d like to see more pictures from the day go to Facebook > Stitch Parramatta Socials > and request to join our private and secure group.

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  1. Joselice

    Fantastic event! I loved it , I would like to participate next year! I am come from Brazil , I will prepare a good plate called “shrimp of Moqueca “ you guys will love it, I hope 😀!!!

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