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Men-vember: Raising awareness of men’s mental health this November

Welcome to Men-vember! 

This November, Stitch will be raising the awareness of mental health throughout our community, in particular men’s mental health. With so many men in our community, we believe this is an important issue to rally behind. 

Our community-wide initiative will aim to raise the awareness of the importance of our social connections on our mental health, by encouraging our community (in particular our men) to start connecting more, either at in-person or virtual events. 

Stitch’s founder Andrew Dowling explains what Men-vember is and how you can get involved:  

If there’s one take away from Andrew’s video, it’s this: Get involved in the community this Men-vember by either suggesting or attending in-person or virtual activities! 

While this is a community-wide initiative where everyone, regardless of gender, is encouraged to suggest and attend events, Stitch will be donating to Wipe Out Loneliness for every man that participates in the community during November 2020.

Wipe Out Loneliness is the not-for-profit charity arm of Stitch that aims to address and prevent loneliness and social isolation throughout the world.

What Stitch will donate

Stitch will donate to Wipe Out Loneliness:

  • $1 for every man that attends a Stitch Event
  • $5 for every man that hosts a Stitch Event
  • $10 for every man that attends one of our end-of-month Stitch get-togethers 

All money raised in November will go towards helping men over 50 years old who are experiencing extreme isolation, loneliness or financial disadvantage. 

Join the movement

Helping our men isn’t something we can do alone. It’s a team effort, and you can make a difference. 

If you believe in a world free from loneliness and isolation and can support Wipe Out Loneliness by donating, then we would very much appreciate that. 

Please fill in this form specifying that you would like to donate, and we’ll be in touch with next steps!

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2 thoughts on “Men-vember: Raising awareness of men’s mental health this November”

  1. I think alot of older white men, including myself, are feeling lost in this system. We are dealing with an identity crisis. I work and have a good job and do keep myself as fit as possible in my 50s. But, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Most of the woman I meet no longer need a man. Which is causing most men to feel lonely and forgotten. These dating websites have not made connecting woman any easier.

    Another questions I ask is why are there so few men’s groups in the USA? There are plenty woman’s groups..

    All this is what I think is causing men’s mental health issues..

    FYI. My parents are still happily married after 57 years. My marriage only lasted 20, and now I’m joining the divorced groups. She left me…

    1. Hi Henry,

      Thanks for sharing your reflections. A shame you weren’t able to come along to our first men’s discussion last week where some of the men on Stitch got together to talk about some of the barriers which hold men back from getting engaged in the community and with each other. It’s something we’re going to be focusing on, not just this November but more generally, as we know it is an unspoken issue for many men.

      It would be great if you can come along to some activities this November so you can help us figure out some solutions and make a positive difference!


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