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Collage of Stitch members and some of their informative and fun activities

We all have a passion, skill or knowledge about a particular topic. Is it time you shared yours?

The Stitch community is incredibly diverse — culturally and geographically, but also in term of our members’ interests, passions and skills. Below are some of our members who are hosting events whereby they’re sharing their skills, passion and knowledge with the community, and making like-minded friends in the process. Read their fascinating stories below!

Lily, NSW, Australia

“I joined Stitch last year ago but never participated in anything until I became a Community Champion Volunteer. So I took that opportunity to start hosting events that could help others with their health, in particular with using essential oils and natural ingredients.

My daily work as an organic cosmetics formulator and clinical aromatherapist gives me a lot of joy, and I wanted to share that with the Stitch community.

I have organised multiple events about essential oils and how they impact our memory, the effects of essential oils on our mood, and how essential oils can help reduce inflammation within the body!

Being a Stitch member is a great way to meet other people who have the same interests and who are eager to learn!”

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Rose, England, UK

Stitch member Lily and one of her mosaic events

“Hi I’m Rose and live in Bexley, South East London. I first discovered the Stitch community at the end of 2020 where I was seeking new ways to connect and run art workshops.

Pre-pandemic I ran various art workshops for Headway (brain injury charity) over a period of ten years teaching in most media (i.e. drawing, painting, pastels and mosaics) and putting on successful exhibitions for the clients across London.

It was a job I absolutely loved (especially the art therapy) but then decided to go freelance where my working life got a whole lot busier. Then COVID arrived. It all stopped including my income! I found myself looking for connections during lockdown but moreover reaching out to people on a creative level which is where Stitch came to the rescue. Fantastic! Whilst I drew on my past teaching experience in person, it was a whole different experience offering mosaic tuition via Stitch Video Chat and Zoom, but I love a challenge! Although I still work on my own commissions, I wanted to reach out and share my knowledge with the wider community.

Creations from Rose's mosaics Stitch activity

I decided to run two events which started in Jan 2021; the first by way of an introduction to mosaics and demonstrating techniques, sourcing suppliers for tools and materials needed for the event, and showing my own work by way of inspiration; the second event being the workshops for those who have attended the intro where members can choose to create coasters or indeed some have chosen to challenge themselves on a bigger project which really fires me up.

I wanted to ensure that members got the most from their experience at these events so decided to invest in a brilliant overhead camera called “Hue Pro” recommended by a lovely Stitch member working in education which she used in the Zoom classroom.

I love to see the progression on the mosaics and enjoy it when members just run with it. I really miss my in-person workshops but have loved the opportunity which Stitch has given me to allow me to carry these on-line. I have been given tremendous support in facilitating these events by Stitch at a time when there has been so much uncertainty across the world.”

Creations from Rose's mosaics Stitch event

(Above images: Left, Stitch member Susan’s creation; middle and right ,Stitch member Fraibet’s creations)

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Kew, England, UK

As she says in the video: “The Stoics were old philosophers who basically thought that there’s no point getting worked up about things you can’t control, so you look at your life and what you can control — which is basically your thoughts, your perceptions and the actions related to those — and all the outside things like other people irritating you to death — there’s nothing you can do about that. So [studying Stoicism] is a method of learning how to deal with that so you don’t get your blood pressure raised and you become a decent person.”

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Bill, Colorado, USA

The below is an extract from the blog post Bill from Colorado: I found community whereby Bill shares his experiences on Stitch. Bill has recently started hosting ‘Windows 10 Tips and Tricks’ where he shares his knowledge about computers with the community.

“You may know me from the virtual activities called ‘Windows 10 Tips and Tricks’, ‘Happy Hour Mountain Time’, or the games that I run ‘Bad Memes and Bad Words’ or ‘Joking Hazards’.

I especially like sharing resources in my events, hence why I also host ‘Windows 10 Tips and Tricks’. I have noticed there is an opportunity to help people use their machines (myself included) better, so that they can do their work. I like the feeling I get when I learn something then share it with others. I was surprised how many others look forward to these events.”

Read Bill’s full blog post here, and join Stitch to be notified of all future events by Bill!

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