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Volunteer Bill from Inverness shares his Stitch journey in this article

Making friends over 50 in Inverness, Scotland … and across the world!

Community Champion Volunteers are Stitch members who volunteer their time to host events that help other members connect and engage with others in the community, especially in areas where the community isn’t active yet.

Bill from Scotland is one of our superstar Community Champion Volunteers, dedicating hours of his time every week to connecting, entertaining, and educating Stitch members from all around the world (including the US, UK, and Australia). If you haven’t already, be sure to attend one of his many activities — they range from nighttime chats to quizzes!

Bill shares his Stitch journey with us below.

Stitch member Bill from Inverness, Scotland

“Hi, my name is Bill, and I live in a small village outside Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

I joined Stitch about nine months ago as the COVID-19 lockdown was taking its toll, after losing my wife 11 months previously to this.

After joining Stitch, it took a few weeks before I attended my first event. At my first event (which was virtual), I was made to feel very welcome. This was followed by many welcoming messages, inviting me to more virtual activities on Stitch. I then started participating more and more.

After getting to know Stitch member Pam from Wales, we decided to start running supportive events for widows and widowers, which went on for quite a few months. I noticed that although men attended, they said very little, so we decided to split these events — Pam would host the events for our widows, while I hosted events for our widowers. It was good to see that the men opened up more in these male-only events.

I then started to run a quiz night every two to three weeks and have always got a good uptake on these activities. I now also help run activities for our Chatterbox UK group, and host virtual nighttime chats for members that find it hard to sleep. These nighttime events have really taken off. I also have a few discussion groups running as well.

I was very lucky to recently be able to host an in-person weekend at my house. This was held in conjunction with a virtual event with members who could not attend.

Stitch member Bill at his first in person get-together

I have had a great nine months so far and have met a load of very nice and friendly people who I am proud to call friends. Long may this great institution last that a great man Andrew started with his wonderful staff.”

Want to become one of our superstar Community Champion Volunteers? Learn more or RSVP to an information session here. Or, if you’d like to come along to one of the many activities held every week, sign up to Stitch today. Our activities are held all over the world!

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