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Volunteer Spotlight on Aggie, Stitch member in Toronto, Canada

Aggie from Toronto, Ontario: “I didn’t know that by helping others, I would be helping myself the most.”

Aggie from Toronto dedicates hours of her time every week to connecting and entertaining Stitch members in Toronto, Ontario, as well as members in the rest of Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia! She does this because she is one of Stitch’s superstar Community Champion Volunteers.

Community Champion Volunteers are Stitch members who volunteer their time to host events that help other members connect and find companionship with others in the community, especially in areas where the community isn’t active yet.

If you haven’t already, be sure to attend one of Aggie’s many activities, join her groups, and participate in her online discussions! Aggie shares her Stitch journey with us below.

“I joined Stitch during our dark, depressing Canadian winter and in the middle of the scary Covid lockdown here in Toronto. I was working full time, single, lonely and isolated.

When I started volunteering for Stitch, I wanted to help and fill my lonely spare time with something meaningful. I didn’t know that by helping others, I would be helping myself the most. 😉

Pretty soon, I was very involved with a lot of activities. I organized ‘Fitness salsa and walking’ in a park here in Toronto, close to the lake. It was freezing cold, but I had so much fun dancing with those people I just met. I couldn’t believe how happy it made me feel and how close I felt to these “strangers.” 😁🎶

I have hosted a lot of online events as well. They include Latin dancing (of course!🎵), Dating after 50-ty, Fast Friendship Canada, and Aggie’s proven way to lose weight, to name a few. I tried a book club too, but it didn’t fly. 😂

I also started a very popular discussion forum called Ask men, Ask women. As part of these discussions, we open our hearts and share our perspectives and personal stories as a way of getting to know and help one another. It’s not about who is wrong or who is right. It’s about learning and understanding while having fun. 🎵😁

Aggie from Toronto's virtual Stitch Event

I love sharing my optimism and positive outlook for life. I share what I know, I support my people when needed, and I enjoy every second of it. It’s very fulfilling. You can not go wrong with this.😊

Several months after joining Stitch, I can now say I am busy, happy, and have plenty of friends who are Stitch members in Toronto, Ontario, and worldwide! I even made a very special friend, an awesome man I met on Stitch named Tracy. 💞

Stitch saves lives. 😉 I’m very grateful for Stitch.🎶💝”

Want to become one of Stitch’s superstar Community Champion Volunteers? Learn more or RSVP to an information session here.

Or, if you’d like to become a Stitch member in Canada or anywhere else in the world, then sign up to Stitch today.

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