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Bill's first get-together in Scotland

Connecting at in-person events as pandemic restrictions ease

As Stitch members start to get vaccinated in the US and UK, we’re seeing an increase in the number of in-person activities suggested on Stitch for our over 50s community.

These activities include everything from lunch in Scotland, walking tours in England, trivia nights in Arizona, food truck festivals in Tennessee, and salsa classes in Toronto! And we’re going to keep seeing more as the world slowly returns to normal.

Three Stitch members share some of the in-person events they’ve recently attended or will be hosting shortly. 

Bill’s Scottish get-together

After nine months of hosting and attending virtual activities with Stitch members from all over the world, Bill recently hosted his first in-person event in his hometown of Inverness, Scotland. Look at those smiles!

Kew’s birthday get-away

Kew from Bedford in England has been hosting virtual events for Stitch members for 12 months. When restrictions started to ease, she started meeting in person with Stitch members who lived close to her.

“I met Julia in a Stitch group and we just hit it off. She is a Buddhist and introduced me to the leader of the Buddhist group here in Bedford – who it turns out I had just written to welcome to Stitch!

Julia and I have talked several times on Zoom, and as I was going to Brighton for my birthday, I asked if she would meet me. We had a great time in the Museum, had lunch and walked in a forest display – part of Brighton Festival, so not a real forest.

We both love cats and have other things in common so I’m sure we will continue to be friends 🙂 Thanks Stitch!”

Stitch members Julia and Kew in Brighton, England

Dorette’s Botanical Garden tour

Dorette from Queens, New York, has been hosting virtual bingo events and online chats about diabetes for several months. She shares what it’s like being able to post her first in-person event.

“Hooray, we are getting there!!! Pandemic restrictions are being lifted and, in many cases, permanently as optimism reaches higher levels here in New York.

In anticipation of New York getting to this point, as the organizer of the Queens Stitch Group, I, first of all, hosted a virtual meeting to have the other members’ input as to what our first post-pandemic in-person event might be. This was after 13 online virtual events, primarily Bingo Nights, and a virtual Saturday breakfast in February 2021.

Recently I made the bold move to post our first in-person event – a visit to the Queens Botanical Garden for June 5, 2021. After making that bold move, I was happy that six persons signed on to attend this event!

I am excited about the event as we will do a 2 to 2 1/2 hour tour of the facility, then have lunch together at a local restaurant in the Flushing neighborhood after which we will head home. More exciting postings to follow!”

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