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Your idea could be printed on a Stitch t-shirt!

Get creative & make Stitch history!

Put on your creative caps, Stitchers, it’s competition time! 

To celebrate the launch of the official Stitch Store, we’re asking all Full Stitch members to share their ideas for a witty slogan or eye-catching design for our new t-shirts. The two most creative entries will WIN!

About the Stitch Store

The Stitch Store is where you can purchase Stitch-branded merchandise for yourself or another Stitch member. We have everything from t-shirts and caps to tote bags and face masks! 

By purchasing merchandise from the Stitch Store, you are spreading the word and love of the Stitch Community, and helping to connect and enrich the lives of even more people over 50. 

Best of all, all proceeds from purchases will help support Stitch & the Stitch Community. So you can shop knowing you are directly helping to sustain the health and longevity of our community.

A collection of Stitch Store merchandise

The competition

We want to add two new t-shirts to the Stitch Store — one with a new slogan, and another with an eye-catching design. And we’d love your ideas!

You can enter the competition in two ways — in the SLOGAN or DESIGN category. 

  • If you’re a wordsmith with a knack for coming up with witty one-liners, then the SLOGAN category may be for you. Please send through your best slogan (words only) that represents Stitch. Feel free to utilize the front and/or back of the t-shirt.
  • If you’re visually inclined and can create beautiful images that capture the essence of an organization/product/person, the DESIGN category may be best for you. Please send through your best high-definition design that represents Stitch. Feel free to utilize the front and/or back of the t-shirt.

We will not be placing any constraints on you, so be as creative as you like! (Please know we will not accept any slogans or designs that include profanity, are pornographic, or are derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional, or age group.)

Competition details

The competition is open to all Full Stitch members globally. Limited members are not eligible to participate.

Please email your submissions to [email protected], or share them on social media, making sure to tag Stitch and include the hashtag #mystitchshirt. Be sure to let us know if your slogan/design is for the front or back of the t-shirt.

To be eligible, all submissions must be received by Saturday, 30th April 2022.

You can submit an entry in both categories. You can submit as many entries in each category as you like.

The happiness felt from winning

The prize

There will be two competition winners, a SLOGAN and a DESIGN category winner. 

Winners will cement their place in Stitch’s history as the first members to have their creations featured on t-shirts in the Stitch Store that Stitch members will be able to purchase and wear. This comes with endless bragging rights!

The winning Stitch members will also each receive a complimentary Stitch t-shirt with their slogan/design printed on it! Stitch will cover all product and delivery costs.

The winners and their slogan/design will be featured in Stitch’s upcoming community newsletter and on Stitch’s social media channels. 

Important information

  • The prize is not redeemable for cash, a Stitch membership, or another Stitch Store product.
  • Competition winners waive the right to all proceeds and profits generated from the sale of the t-shirt that has their slogan/design on it. 

6 thoughts on “Get creative & make Stitch history!”

    1. Anastasia Hadjidemetri

      Hi Ron, you’re more than welcome to submit as many slogan ideas as you like. There is no limit!

  1. I didn’t see the deadline date mentioned. Could you please share when it is? I have something in mind and just fine tuning it.

    1. Anastasia Hadjidemetri

      Hi Sheri, it’s great that you’re interested in submitting an entry! If you look under the section called COMPETITION DETAILS on this blog post, you’ll see the deadline details 🙂

      Here is the deadline for your reference: 10am EDT, Sunday 10th April 2022 / 3pm BST, Sunday 10th April 2022 / 11:59pm AEST, Sunday 10th April 2022

      Good luck!

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