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The Best First-Date Locations

The Best First-Date Locations

Looking for a great first-date location? Look no further! We’ve got you covered.

We’ve all had those awkward first dates, and let’s face it, the location quite often determines the outcome. The first date is all about activities and topics of conversation; the location must set the perfect balance between getting to know one another and having fun. That’s why we want to share with you our list of what we consider the best safe, awkward-proof sites that are sure to increase your chances of getting a second date.

best date location - park

1.  The Park

Seems like a simple one, yet it is important to pick the right park. You should choose a public park with plenty of activities – perhaps one with a duck pond, so you can feed the ducks, or one with a beautiful garden perfect for taking a nice stroll. If your date has a dog, consider extending an invitation to the pooch and choose a dog park. Either way, possible activities may include bird watching with a pair of binoculars or enjoying a nice picnic in the grass. Whichever park you choose, make sure you are prepared and well-aware of what activities best suit the location.


2.  The Zoo or Aquarium

Best Date Location - Aquarium No matter the date, no one can deny a fun trip to the zoo! With animals galore, there will never be a dull moment and, most importantly, always a topic of conversation. Make your way to the bird sanctuary or the gorilla haven; whatever the animal, your date will enjoy the excitement of hopping around to new species, and you will never risk getting stuck in boring conversation. Indoor aquariums also provide great first-date locations, as they are quieter and good options when the weather is less than ideal.


3.  The Farmers MarketBest Date Location - Farmers Market

Check out your local farmers market and try the latest, freshly-grown products. Not only will your date enjoy walking around and tasting a bit of the local foods, but also you can grab some delicious ingredients for dinner. If all goes well, maybe you and your date can make dinner plans to cook your favorite products from the market!


4.  The New Restaurant

Of course, the number one most popular date site is a restaurant. However, we challenge you to choose a restaurant you have never tried before. That way, it is a new experience for you (and hopefully your date), and you will not be held responsible if your date is not too fond of the food. You both may bond over your experience, and, who knows, you might just find your new favorite restaurant! Choosing a restaurant with a new cuisine is a gutsy move, but a smart one. A new type of food sparks conversation, and you will most likely find yourself discussing past adventures and future travel plans.

Best Date Location - New Restaurant 

5.  The Festival

Festivals never lack in excitement and adventure. From games to live music to crazy foods, they provide the perfect opportunity for getting to know one another and having a blast. Check your Best Date Location - Farmers Marketlocal newspaper for upcoming festivals or fairs and find the one with the most exciting activities. We assure you the search will pay off; your date will be quite impressed with your creativity and originality.

While the location of a first date is vital, the most important aspect is you. If the date you have organized does not go according to plan, fear not! Your date will be focused on you, and as long as you stay engaged in conversation and ask him or her plenty of questions, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time together.

Always remember, however, that your safety comes first. Make sure to avoid isolated areas and take your own mode of transportation. That way, if your date makes you feel uncomfortable, you may leave at any time.

We wish you all the best on your future first dates and, as always, share your comments with us below!



  1. Alba


  2. Helen

    Interesting that a movie for a first date is not a good idea. I always thought that too, I have that reinforcement now and was right all along, not that I think I have to be right all the time, oh well it’s nice to know.

    1. Michael Dean

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I agree with you. It’s always nice to get to know the person on a first date, to see if you would like to go on other dates in the future. I have always found it hard to get to know someone when going to a movie. I have always found that it is a good date a handful of dates down the line. Thanks again!

      Michael from Stitch

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