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Connecting the global Stitch community around shared interests

Finding members who share your specific interests took a big step forward last week thanks to the enhancements made to the Groups section.

Stitch now gives members the ability to not only create interest groups for people within their local area, but also their state or region, their country … and even the global Stitch community!

*Cheers erupt *

This article covers a few of the enterprising Stitch members who have already created global groups. We hope they inspire you to create a group of your own, or join one that interests you!

Connecting the global Stitch community

Meet Annie.

Stitch member Annie lives in Armidale, about an 8 hour drive from Sydney, Australia. Living in a regional community means that while there are several Stitch members in her area, finding Stitch members in her area who also share a particular interest of hers — learning to play the ukulele — has proven a little difficult.

After mentioning her interest to a few other members in the Stitch Discussion forums, Annie discovered that she wasn’t alone: there were other members out there who were also interested to learn.

So Annie created the global Stitch Ukesters group, where all Stitch members from around the world are invited to join and participate in her virtual events and online discussions.

Sixteen enthusiasts have already joined her group since it was created; enthusiasts from all over Australia, the UK, USA and Canada. What’s even more incredible, one of those members — Joyanne from Canada — offered to teach the entire group.

Not only are members of this group learning to play the ukulele, they are connecting with and making friends with like-minded members from all over the world, expanding their social circle and enriching their life.

How incredible is that?

Learning a new language through Stitch

Annie is not the only member to have created a global group.

For the Francophiles in our community, Kew from the UK has created a French Chat group, perfect for members who want to chat about all things French and practice their vocabulary.

Kimberly from California also has a love for languages, especially Spanish which she grew up speaking. She created the Let’s speak Spanish group to give our global community the opportunity to attend virtual conversational events and practice their Spanish speaking skills.

Kim, also from California, has created the Plant based whole foods and vegan cooking global group, where like-minded members can share recipes and advice. She’s already shared two delicious breakfast cookie recipes. Don’t forget to check them out!

Sharing a skill

The creation of global groups has also shone a light on the selfless and supportive members of our community who are willing to dedicate their time to sharing their skills and knowledge.

Joaynne is teaching the ukulele. Kew and Kimberly are facilitating conversational language classes, and Kim is sharing recipes of her favourite vegan delights. Cecelia from San Francisco has started a program teaching members ballet!

Do you have a skill you could share?

What are you waiting for?

All Stitch members join for the same reason, and that is to enrich their lives by doing things they enjoy with like-minded companions.

That’s why Stitch Groups, and now global Stitch Groups, are so important — because they provide the platform that connects our like-minded community members.

Go ahead and join a group that interests you. If you don’t see a group that interests you, create your own!

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