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Stitch has helped me so much

Kristi testimonial for Stitch

I really like being a part of something like Stitch where I can see something I started grow. It’s because Stitch opened that door for me to allow me to step outside of my little bubble of a world and be creative and less a hermit of habit. I really don’t like being so alone, Stitch allows me to meet not just men, but people of all walks of life. Some widows like me, some wild and “out there”, and some just needing to know that everything is going to be alright.

I know I’m a fun person, I just needed to be pointed in the right direction to get me started. Stitch gives me that. Finding a new friend and learning that she is moving to my area is a blessing. She and I will become fast friends I’m sure, as will many people I hope to meet here. This is just the beginning of a long, beautiful relationship of friends I need right now. Thank you so much for being here!!

I really don’t know what I would do without this in my life right now. Like I said before. I was on a downward spiral of depression. Then I took a chance and decided to check this thing called Stitch out never knowing what a blessing it was going to be in my life. I have a few tears running down my cheeks as I type this out. But really, I just can’t thank you enough!! I feel alive again. Being a part of something like this has my creative brain flowing and thinking of ways to bring people together that might be lost in the dark like I was. Andrew, I hope someday, I get a chance to meet you!!

Stitch is perfect for baby boomers like me

Stitch Testimonial

Stitch is a remarkable organization, that hands down, meets the needs of the baby boomer generation better than any other dating site that I’ve discovered. I have shut down all memberships to other sites, and purposefully retained Stitch as my only online dating site to which I’m subscribed. Why? Because Stitch gives the best deal for the cost, of anything that purports to be similar. This has been well-said before and I agree that the combination of dating, meet-ups, and online forums are an excellent combination for us.

Tennessee, USA

Stitch Feels More Natural To Me

Stitch Testimonial

I really like your site because anyone I talk to has already expressed interest in me or we wouldn’t be talking. That makes me feel at ease reaching out to them. I also like that we can put whatever information we want on our profile and not be asked how tall we are or how old. We’re on the site to make friends, not feel as if we’re on the market. It feels more naturally the way you would meet friends. And all of us are over 50.

California, USA

Stitch Has Changed My Life

Stitch testimonial

It wasn’t until Stitch that I realized that what was missing from my life wasn’t a man. It was a RELATIONSHIP. Having these women [I met on Stitch] in my life has magically brought me back to my youth. I have re-discovered what I loved most about being a girl and hanging out with my friends … only without the angst and self-esteem issues that haunted me then. Thanks to Stitch I’ve found FUN. I’ve reconnected with JOY and discovered Peace of Mind. What more could anyone want? Stitch has changed my life. 

California, USA

Stitch is About More Than Looks

The great thing about Stitch is how well it facilitates social interaction prior to a real-life meeting. In real life, we are governed by our glands, but here we are governed by our brains. Stitch gives us the opportunity to fall in love with someone for who they are internally, rather than for who they are externally. Especially for men — the most glandular people on the planet — Stitch is worth many times the price of admission.

California, USA

Stitch is a Breath of Fresh Air

Stitch Testimonial

Your site is a breath of fresh air. Content wise, my favorite aspect of Stitch is that you understand your members. The days of everyone over 50 playing bingo and shuffleboard are long gone, but many products do not reflect that.

Washington, USA

We’re Proof Stitch Works

Stitch Testimonials

We are proof that has a formula that works. We started out as pen pals, communicating on a safe website environment. We were two people, living more than 1300 miles apart, and were very happy communicating for months without any pressures of the dating world. But little did we know, we were building a friendship that eventually led to exchanging phone numbers and email addresses, becoming friends on Facebook, and before we knew it, we decided it was time to meet to see if we had more than a friendship. Our hunch was right, and for now, we are still flying back and forth for visits. We know our relationship was meant to be, and we are planning a future together, all because we trusted a companionship website called

Carol & Doug
Florida & Iowa, USA

Stitch Has a Winning Forumla

Stitch Testimonials

Love the teams integrity. Your formula is a winning idea as “loneliness” is an epidemic now that we have the computer generation taking over. I know your onto the right idea, and I know you will succeed like crazy.


California, USA

Came Looking for Friends

Stitch Testimonial

Stitch is a really amazing way to meet people, with the screening you do, I didn’t feel vulnerable to scammers. I honestly signed up to Stitch to look at group outings, holidays & discussion forums. Curiosity made me check out a couple of profiles, I only clicked interested on a couple, I had a brief chat with one gentleman, and he & I had a couple of chats, long phone call, and met face to face. We have been very happy since. And we look forward to a future into our senior years together.

New South Wales, Australia

Stitching Around the Globe

Stitch Testimonial

I very much like that you limit to 3-4 ‘Stitch’ opportunities per day. It slows it down to better speed for me. I also like the geographic spread. I travel the world and you have people in the world stitching… NOT just ONE locale.

Connecticut, USA

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