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Stitch Survey Results and Infographic: How Mature Adults Feel About Finding Companionship

Stitch Survey Results

Last month, we asked Stitchers around the world several questions about themselves to better find out how they felt about companionship. We asked about marital status, dating, friendship, marriage, and more. Then, we put together an infographic to share the highlights of our findings (scroll down to see the infographic or click here).

We were thrilled that over 1,000 Stitchers between the ages of 50 and 90 completed the survey with hundreds of comments and feedback.

Out of the 1,000 respondents, 54% identified as divorced, 24% widowed, and 12% never been married. 10% of respondents have been married 3 times or more. Here are some highlights from what they told us:

Romance and Marriage

  • 37% of women and 48% of men signed up for Stitch to seek romance
  • Only 27% of the respondents were interested in getting married again
  • The top reason for not wanting to get married or remarried is fear of loss of independence
  • Half of both men and women see intimacy as “just as important” as when they were younger

Meeting a Companion

  • The top trait (66%) in an ideal Stitch companion was an interest in going to “cultural performances”
  • Readiness to travel (38%) and spending time at home together (40%) were the second and third most sought after traits in a companion
  • 31% of men prefer to “wing it” when finding a location for a first date; only 9% of women choose to wing it
  • Men are more interested in meeting one-on-one, while women are interested in both one-on-one and group settings

Online Profiles

When looking through Stitch profiles, here is what women care about, in order of importance:

  1. Profile bio or “about me”Stitch Survey Results
  2. Geographic proximity
  3. Common Interests
  4. Profile photos

vs. men:

  1. Profile photos
  2. Profile bio or “about me”
  3. Geographic proximity
  4. Common interests

When it comes to finding a companion, Stitchers don’t always want romance. But they do want compatibility and they’re not all looking for the same things. Here’s what they say…

I get really turned off if their grammar is bad and they cannot spell or abbreviate everything such as Facebook language.

It is never one thing. A combination of everything. Just like a marriage. It’s like baking a pie, you need all the ingredients.

More Mature thinking in terms of companionship and love – More European style!

I would actually like to say that what DOES NOT prompt me to show interest is how little info is included in their profile.

What a Stitcher enjoys is a small piece of the puzzle, I need us to have several areas of similar interests.

Ultimately, everyone who filled out this survey signed up to seek some type of companionship. This respondent put it best when she said, “Can’t define in a box but looking for friends, possible travel companion, and if that leads to romance … that’d be wonderful. I no longer believe a romantic relationship can last if true, deep, friendship isn’t there.”

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and if you’re also seeking companionship, sign up for Stitch here.

Stitch Survey Results


  1. rosann white

    I am a would like to triaretired professional from Australia. .originally from U.K.
    Seeking a relationship and/or travel companion.
    ..would like to trial this site bit javing trouble accessing your free
    Trial ??
    Appreciate your response

  2. rosann white

    Seems my message appears disjointed..please respond with information re free trial of this site..

    Thankyou Rosann White

  3. Karen

    I believe a signed up but how do I look at profiles or see if anyone has looked at mine?

  4. Shirley Garner

    I haven’t been involved in any Stitch events except the first one when a group was brought together.

    I would like to meet someone one on one rather than in a group doing something i’m not really interested in.

    Can I go on line and look at some men profiles to see if any seem like we might have some qualities that we might enjoy talking together?

  5. Carolyn Plint

    It’s lovely to read other people’s thoughts and what’s happening out there in the big wide world. I’m from Perth in Western Australia and so far there aren’t too many “Stitchers” on this side of the country but I still enjoy the news. Well done to all the Team.

  6. greg nowlan

    I am impressed with my early days with Stitch but premature to say more.

  7. […] extra than just courting and romance, but also friendship, travel, and other actions. In a latest infographic, the corporate released data from its users showing that best 37% of women and 48% of fellows […]

  8. Sharon

    Im new here at Stitch, but I have to say it looks like a fun,safe and nice site to belong too.
    I have a free account and am not completely sure on how all of this works but look forward to learning the site and making some new friends too.

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Welcome, Sharon! We are here to help and so glad to have you.

  9. Elizabeth

    Dear Marcie,

    Regarding the e-article,‘Social community sew Caters to Senior citizens’
    November 1, 2015

    This article (on the “Stitch Survey Results” page) is almost incomprehensible in parts but did quote $60 for the year as the pricing, something that should be corrected – or, if correct, your online price should be lowered. To wit, “initially created in 2010 and housed in Australia, the stitch is a free service and at present has greater than 20,000 active customers and more than 50 stitch communities. there’s a paid model of the community—$ 60 for the year—which supplies customers top rate options, like identification verification, boosted profile positions, extra control over search distance, member-to-member cellphone calls, and the searching of more than 10 profiles per day, compared to best three on the free version.”

    My note: Over the course of the last six months, I’ve been a member of and delved into seven dating sites. When compared to sites like OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish and others that allow free members to surf contentedly (with minimal restrictions) to their heart’s delight through a hundred thousand or more profiles over varied distances, Stitch’s (free) three profiles per day is hardly an adequate sampling. But neither is the paid-for “more than” 10 profiles a day. It seems that (there are 108,382 Meetups this week within 25 miles of my area alone), free for browsing, contacting, meeting and greeting, would be the preferred site to Stitch,net, a much smaller (20,000) community wherein a change of distance parameters is limited to paid-only members. This doesn’t make sense.

    The incomprehensible paragraph is as follows. “For starters, it’s important to take your profile image straight away during the app, so there isn’t any deceptive others by using the usage of older photos, and users can’t message others in the course of the platform—they may be able to handiest make a phone name, taking into account extra critical, intimate dialogue.”

    My note: This is not an article that is informative, well-written – or current – and I would not have posted it as a correct descriptor of “Stitch”. I’m new to the site and am in the process of deciding whether to commit to the $80 annual fee. Agreed, it’s less than $7.00 per month but, that said, I’m not sure that, in my search for a companion (romantic or not), Stitch is as robust a browsing experience as I require. If I am mistaken about anything, please correct me.

    Thank you.
    Elizabeth Wilson

    1. Andrew Dowling

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for pointing out that article to us. As you correctly point out, it’s full of an incredibly high number of inaccuracies, even including calling us by the wrong name (“Sew”) through most of the article. And yes they have incorrectly quoted the price. I have posted a comment on their site notifying them of this.

      As for your comments about Stitch itself, thanks and appreciate the feedback. We are focused on creating a very different kind of community than any of the dating sites you mention, and the fact we are specifically focused on companionship for over 50s means we are able to do things that Meetup can’t … not to mention the fact we’re the only site which enforces identity verification to help keep our members safe. But it is true that we are very new and therefore much smaller than some of the sites (Meetup is a billion dollar company) and we’re not yet active in communities right across the country. With that in mind please feel free to say on the free plan and only join as a full member when you feel you’d like to be part of the community. We’re growing all the time and we’re confident we’re going to get there for you!

      Stitch Founder & CEO

  10. Dale

    having a hard time figuring this site out . been on other sites and they where easy to use . this one cant figure it out

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Dale. We’re so sorry about that! Please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

    2. Karen

      I signed up to meet ppl and look at profiles can’t seem to do that at all

      1. Andrew Dowling

        Hi Karen,

        That’s definitely what Stitch is about so hopefully we can get your sorted out. Are you able to log in to Stitch? If so please send an email to Stitch support and we’ll see if there is something we can do to help you out.


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