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Alone on Valentine’s Day? Stitch Can Help

alone on valentine's day

Don’t Spend Valentines Day Alone (unless you want to!) 

Many people don’t like to be alone on Valentine’s Day, so at Stitch we’ve decided we’re going to focus on a different day this year. February 13th is the kind of day in the year that’s not often talked about. There is so much hype created for the day after, February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Other holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s day, both recognize the day before as the ‘eve’ of what’s to come… Not February 13th. Perhaps that’s because not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day. Whatever the reason, it’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate the 13th with Stitch events across the world!  

Whether you choose to call it Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day, why is there so much fuss over February 14th anyway?

Where Valentine’s Day Began…

There’s some mystery behind the origin of Valentine’s Day as it dates back to both ancient Roman and Christian origins. It can be seen as a reminder of the ceremonial celebration of Christian saint named Valentinus. One account says that he was sent to jail for performing weddings forbidden at that time. He then struck up a relationship with his jailer’s daughter and before his execution wrote a letter to her signed ‘your Valentine.’

What Valentine’s Day Means Today

Today, it’s celebrated across the world as a day to celebrate love. Most people do so by sending flowers and greeting cards. In fact, the day accounts for almost 150 million Valentine’s Day cards exchanged every year. That’s a lot of cards, but not everybody loves Valentine’s Day, which is ironic for a day of love!

What to do Instead?alone on valentine's day

For some, Valentine’s suggests only a single day in the year to celebrate love. You might have heard the saying, ‘every day of the year is Valentine’s Day!’ And, for some singles, it can heighten feelings of loneliness, which is not a feeling that anyone wants. This has led to more singles appreciation and anti-Valentine’s day get togethers, which is a really great way to counteract any bad feelings.

Instead of celebrating the crazy busy day that already has a ton of alone on valentine's dayattention, we thought it best to give February 13th some love instead (and it’s a Saturday too!)

We’ve seen some great events already organized in Stitch, from a  ‘Singles Pre-Valentine’
s Day Cruise’ to and ‘An Evening of Boleros and Tangos Pacifica.’ And we’d love to see more like this!

Ideas to Try on February 13th – 14th

  1. Get your single friends together for a Movie or night out
  2. Take yourself to a nice dinner, you deserve it!
  3. Go to a Stitch event… We’ve got tons happening!alone on valentine's day

Events are a great way to start meeting and enjoying the company of a group of people. It’s not just about finding romance, but companions and friends too. If you would like to attend a Stitch Valentine’s Day alternative, or suggest one in your area, you can sign up today!


  1. Nancy

    Are there any Stitch events in either CT or FL?

    1. Marcie Rogo

      Hi Nancy,
      We have lots of members in both those location. To view local events or suggest them, please sign up for Stitch and then head to the events and activities section.

  2. Valentine

    Great ideas you given for celebrating valentines day

  3. Gourav

    I like your ideas and it help me a lot for celebrating valentines day

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